You splurged on a luxury apartment in Chennai, and now it’s time to move in. But did you know that interior décor contributes to making your home look as luxurious as the amount you spent on it? With rising standards of living, it is justifiable that we want our home to look the way we feel. So how does one create a seamless and uncompromised ambiance at home, without having to dive deep into your pockets?

Paint it Right:

A house gets a coat or two of paint anyway, so why not use the same to create a luxurious interior? Light colours have a premium aesthetic, and nothing can best the majesty of white. Light colours also open up the rooms making them appear more spacious. 

If you want to add some contrast, then Accent walls are all the rage now. Fixing up a wall or two with patterns, or done up in bold colours will make your place pop. Muted colours are great for ethnic décor, while bold colours are more suitable for minimalist décor. 

Top it off with a crown:

Crown moldings have sustained from the times of the Egyptian civilization for a reason. They are classic and timeless. Even a simple two-tiered molding, adds a regal look to your space. You can also play around with thinner strips to create the picture frame look if you aren’t a fan of the traditional thick borders. Crown molding generally goes well with muted colors, as they are a rustic aesthetic. 

Invest in Art:

Crowding the home with too many décor pieces gives it a cluttered feel. Instead of large, but subtle statement pieces work to make your home look elegant. Large portrait frames, oversized vases, corner tables, etc. are wise choices. You don’t even need to look for originals. Prints or flea markets and thrift store finds are inexpensive. Hang them up on wall hangings above furniture like armchairs for a cozy, laidback look. Stand vases at the sides of your home’s entrance or in the room corners. 

Add some texture:

Use complementary textures for a custom luxury look. Handcrafted rugs in original tints, throw pillows, cushions, crocheted wall hangings, and tablecloths, etc. create beautiful textures to the room’s décor. Mix up the fabrics like Jute, silk, satin, linen, etc. to round out the theme. Breeze curtains in light colours create an airy, welcoming look that just says luxury. They also create the feeling of space in apartments in Chennai.

Metallic Tints:

Metallic accents are great for minimalist décor. But they can burn a hole in your pockets, as good quality ones are hard to find, and are expensive. Instead, you can use the weekend, and a few cans of metallic spray paint to turn your regular décor items like picture frames, vases, and other Knick knacks into a metallic finish. They definitely amp up the luxe factor of any home. And what more, you get gorgeous options in spray paints, like satin gold, antique gold, silver, chrome, brass, copper, etc. in different textures. Your home would turn into one of those places that get featured in interior design magazines, and you can do it overnight too. 

Mirror Accents:

When reading up on how to make a room look spacious, the advice to hang up a large mirror is inevitable. But mirrors don’t just open up your space, they can also make it look absolutely opulent. Mirrors set in elegant molding will look like they stepped right off from the royal palaces of India. Mirrors in plain wooden frames can help you set up a comfy-looking décor. Mirrors are an easy solution to décor themes in apartments in Chennai

Invest in good furniture:

Furnishings add life to the room. They are a functional element of décor that cannot be neglected. As you move in, invest in good quality furniture that goes with your décor concept, or you can choose evergreen wooden furniture that will last you a lifetime. This way you don’t have to rethink your decorating options in five years. You can also check out shops where they sell refurbished furniture for inexpensive but opulent options.

Go Green:

Add life to your home with plants. Choose good indoor plants that are easy to maintain. Hang them up on the balcony in planters, place some potted plants in room corners, and have small succulents as tabletop décor. This cleanses your space, and also gives a vibrant atmosphere to your home. Fresh flowers add a beautiful splash of color, but they might not be sustainable if you have to buy them every day. But if you grow flowering plants of your own, then feel free to add them to your décor.

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