Chennai city is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in India. Studies show that Chennai has one of the most promising ROI in Real estate than any other city in India. Owning property within the city is a luxury in itself and appreciates in accelerated increments. This article highlights the importance and advantages of investing inside the city, especially on apartments in Chennai.

Dependable asset for the future:

Buying a real estate property for most people is a lifetime commitment. Any property bought on the outskirts or away from cities is susceptible to change or absorption in government infrastructure projects. Investing inside the city is a safe bet, as the property value remains with you for life, while simultaneously appreciating in value. Be it an economy or luxury apartment, its value will have increased significantly enough to be a dependable asset for the future. 

Proximity to commercial and educational institutions:

Cities have earmarked areas as commercial zones. People tend to buy real estate in close proximity to their work life or for their children’s educational needs. Any property that is located near commercial zones or near good schools and colleges in Chennai will show good appreciation over the years. Not only is life more comfortable there, but the steady influx of people coming into the city for work, brings more people who will invest in the same area, boosting property prices. 

Heightened sense of community:

Living inside the city gives a heightened sense of ownership, not only to your own property but also to the area you live in. Chennai is known for being a cultural hub, consisting of a diverse population from various cultural backgrounds. All of them live together in harmony. Even within apartments in Chennai, you belong to a community that will stick with you for life. You are never alone, as you gain plenty of friends for moral support. Several apartment committees even come together to address public issues in their area, as a welfare organisation. The community is always stronger than the individual, and it is easier to interact with governing bodies like the electricity board, water board etc. 

Better security and accountability:

Apartments in Chennai, come with better security features than you can expect in other areas. From 24×7 security personnel to continuous CCTV monitoring, you know your family is secure at home. There are also all kinds of safety precautions taken by the builder and the association that are practical for children and the elderly. Even the streets and roads leading to your home are manned by police 24×7, and equipped with street cameras. There is accountability of movement for strangers, ensuring that the security of your home remains uncompromised.

More amenities:

You get better access to amenities when living inside the city. Most developers give a basic amenities package that includes, swimming pool, gym, community hall, walking path, carpark, common area lighting, fire safety equipment, recycled water, etc. These amenities are quite expensive when looking at housing options outside the city or even in individual housing within the city. They are however available for free in apartments in Chennai, albeit at a nominal maintenance cost. 

Life at your own pace:

Unlike other cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi etc, life in Chennai isn’t as fast paced as them. The public transport system like roadways, railways and the metro are less crowded and have a higher frequency. This accessibility is quite convenient for those investing inside the city. With proper knowledge of the street layouts you needn’t exactly rush to work or spend two hours on the road just to cross a few kilometres. You can choose to live life at your own pace, as long as you plan your transit options prior to investing in the property. 

Access to entertainment:

Unlike the suburbs or towns and villages, the city of Chennai has no dearth of entertainment, even at odd times of the night. Prior to the COVID lockdown, one could find 24×7 entertainment spread throughout the city. Being a cultural hub, one can experience all cuisines in the city. Be it international or the authentic south Indian vegetarian spread, one can get it all here. Chennai also has several commercial Zones that are shopping hotspots for anything from fashion to home décor. There are movie theatres in every area, and sports events at the world famous Chepauk stadium. Every festival of India is celebrated here, giving you a vibrant choice of lifestyle. 

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