One of the major concerns while investing in real estate is the choice of location. Chennai is a vast area covering 426 square kilometres, with all kinds of commercial and residential zones. There is no dearth of choice and mostly the location choice boils down to affordability, as some areas show a vast disparity in circle rates. 

Buying luxury flats in Chennai is a dedicated commitment that some of you might pay off for a lifetime. It is important to choose the right location that fits your lifestyle and future plans. Here are a few points of focus that you need to consider in finding the right location for your home. 

Access to facilities:

Commuting to work or school is one of the most time consuming everyday tasks. Choosing to invest in a location, comes with the choice to move closer to either of the above. Luxury flats in Chennai are usually located close to schools and hospitals. Such areas also come with parks, have better access to uninterrupted electricity and water, and other facilities. Not only are you within walking distance or a short drive away, it helps you bring a balance to your personal life and work, without having to spend precious free time commuting. In times of emergency you are sure to reach the hospital on time. 

Geographical disposition:

Each person has a distinct favourite as to the geography of the area they wish to live in. In Chennai you have a choice of coastal, urban, and hills to choose from as your landscapes. There are several projects from where you get a great view of these sceneries. If you can find a project that suits your needs, in the area you want, you are at a great advantage. 

Availability of public transport:

Look out for places that are closer to public transport facilities. Is there a large bus stand or railway station nearby? If yes then the location will surely appreciate in value. In addition, you have access to public transport to work, saving you the rigour of driving your vehicle to work. Access to public transport also places you at an advantage when it comes to outstation travel. Your home need not necessarily be located near the central bus stand, railway station or airport, but just have access to intermediary transport that can get you there with ease.

Building a social circle:

If you are looking at an area close to work, you are sure to find other people working in the same office or building, other kids who attend the same school or college as yours, living close by. There is also the choice to live in a community with neighbours who favour a similar lifestyle to yours. When there are similar backgrounds, be it economic, cultural or religious, it helps you connect socially in a more organic way. There are people to attend events with, plan playdates for kids, easier to get someone to babysit while you catch up on chores or an evening out, etc. 

Investing in a popular area in the city, might also keep you within walking distance of malls, restaurants and movie theatres. This means there is no shortage of entertainment and that your evenings and weekends are taken care of.

Security of the area:

The prime concern of any homeowner would be the safety and security of their family. It is important to live in a locality that has low crime rates, within a community that has lots of security measures. Most luxury flats in Chennai are located in such areas by default. They want to provide their residents with a sense of comfortable security. There are security personnel, CCTV monitoring, well-lit common areas, fire-fighting equipment, etc. that ensure the safety of your loved ones. The areas around these communities are also monitored with street cameras and frequent police patrols.  You can never have enough of these measures when it comes to your loved ones. You can even check on the crime rates within the area at your local police station. 

Future of the project:

You cannot choose a location just on how the area appears now. Do a little research on all the proposed plans for improvement and investment in the location. This will give you an idea of how much the property values will appreciate. Locations with good potential for infrastructure investment will have accelerated growth in property rates, making your home a valuable asset to the family. 

These are some of the factors that influence finding the right location of your home. Lifestyle Housing has led the premium real estate segment with projects in prime locales of Chennai. We have Housing projects in TNagar and our project locations are carefully chosen by experts to give our customers the best advantages of life in the city. Contact our sales staff for site visits at lifestylehousing.

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