There has always been the dilemma of having to choose between huge gated communities or smaller communities when investing in apartments in Chennai. While bigger communities look attractive from an outsider’s point of view, smaller communities come with their own benefits. 

Here’s why investing in smaller communities is better for the overall quality of your lifestyle. 

Security features:

Despite having equal security measures, smaller gated communities are safer than huge ones. Think about how much area is directly visible to the security personnel. Smaller communities are easy to monitor as much of the place is visible at one glance. The security would also be familiar with the residents, making it easier to identify strangers. 

CCTV monitoring over a smaller area is also easier. There is less footage to review and store, and the places in the video are easily identifiable. Since smaller communities are close knit, potential hazards are quickly identified and brought to the attention of the association. The fire safety measures in a larger community are hard to track and replace, but a smaller community has better access to keep their equipment on point. 

Social Life:

Of course larger communities of apartments in Chennai have more number of people living in them. But this does not guarantee the quality of your neighbourly social circle. Besides the larger numbers leave you oblivious to many of the neighbours, and you end up not knowing who is who. This is not an issue in a smaller community. 

When the community is compact, you are more likely to familiarise yourself with all the residents through gatherings for meetings and social events. You can enrich your social life with close interaction with all of them. There is a better sense of community when neighbours are personally close to you. This also makes carpooling and planning kids play dates so much easier. You can be sure that the residents are from a similar working background, where kids go to the same school, have the same lifestyle choices. 

Access to amenities:

Most apartments in Chennai whether in huge gated communities or smaller ones, offer the same range of amenities. Imagine having to share the facilities like the pool or the gym equipment with a large volume of people. It becomes impossible to work out or relax in peace when you don’t even know when you can access the amenities. 

In a smaller community, people get used to each other’s schedules. There is a lesser volume of people accessing the same facilities at a point of time. Therefore you are free to plan your day to your convenience. 

Any damage to facilities like plumbing or electrical line can easily be rectified in a small community. All the lines are clearly marked and identifiable. In a large community it takes quite a while to simply identify where the problem or damage occurred, let alone repair it quickly.

Construction Quality:

Developers of large gated communities undeniably employ agencies and other private consultants for quality checks. However considering the vastness of the area, it is impossible to monitor all phases of construction across all blocks simultaneously. Similarly materials are procured in large lots, whose quality cannot be checked beyond a certain point. 

In smaller communities the developer has access to high quality materials and the resources to check them. Construction quality can be continuously monitored even with a small dedicated team. Since they have a reputation to maintain as they cater to niche clients, they ensure that every snag is expertly taken care of before hand over. 

Location advantages:

Large gated communities are invariably located away from the city centre, owing to the large space that they occupy. There is little access to public transport and healthcare and educational facilities are located a little away. 

However smaller apartments in Chennai are located close to the city centre, near well-established schools, hospitals and commercial zones. There is also no lack of entertainment in the form of malls, movie theatres, restaurants, etc. The projects are in proximity to public transport like bus stands, local railways, metro, etc. Even outstation travel is easier as the projects in the city have better access to the bus and rail networks, as well as the airport. 

Lifestyle Housing offers luxury and economic apartments set in compact communities that are great for families and individuals. We now have luxury apartments in the heart of Chennai’s commercial zone in a gated community in TNagar. We are also developing several new residential projects in Chennai that are ideally sized to eke maximum benefit in ROI as well as quality of life. 

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