When we think of apartments, our mind immediately goes to storied buildings with homes on each floor, with the ground floor being the driveway or car park. But did you know that Mixed-use apartments are becoming very popular now. What is that you ask?

Mixed -use Apartments are those apartments that also house commercial spaces like offices, shops, gyms, restaurants, etc. in addition to homes. The commercial establishments are usually on the bottom floor and the houses are on the floors above them. Such apartments are usually located in urban areas. Apartments in Chennai are being built on this model as developers and homebuyers both profit from this type. 

There are several benefits to living in such apartments and they will convince you to invest in such properties. 


Convenience is the foremost benefit. It is undeniable as everything you want is within a short walk down the stairs or trip down the elevator. Want to grab some food, there’s a restaurant. Want to buy groceries or clothes or more, there are shops downstairs, want to unwind after a long day, there’s a salon right there or you could hit the gym with your very own trainer. Mixed use apartments in Chennai just have so much to offer. Your needs and wants are taken care of right at your home without the unnecessary trip into traffic. 

Property value appreciation:

The presence of the commercial establishments adds to the value of the apartment. Generally, projects located in close proximity to commercial zones appreciate easily over the years. But with the commercial spaces located right in their premises, the property appreciation is even higher. You can easily make a handsome profit off it if you wish to sell it in the future or rent it out. Rental income is also higher in such projects. 

Great location:

Mixed-use apartments generally happen to be luxury apartments and they are located in great residential and commercial areas. You can look for ones that are close to your place of work and it will save you a long commute. The area is safe for raising a family. The project would be built close to facilities like public transport, hospitals, schools, other commercial zones, entertainment, and more. This is practical and will have you sorted in case of emergencies. 


These projects are located in areas that also have good connectivity to other places within the city and outstation travel as well. There are several transit options including roadways, railways, the metro, and some are also located close to the airport or at least with easy access to it. This ensures that your travel needs are always met be it your everyday commute to work or that weekend trip with friends and family. 


While you might think that having commercial spaces below you impacts your privacy, there is a clear distinction between the commercial and residential floors. The place would have additional security who ensure that unauthorised people don’t walk into the residential floors freely. The premises would be monitored by security personnel and CCTV cameras. Entry into the residential floors will be controlled using key cards and guests will have to sign in on entry. This additional layer of security will keep your family safe. 

While mixed-use apartments certainly have lots of benefits, there are also certain cons but they are not deal breakers. The noise levels might be a little higher than in regular apartments as the lower floors will have people moving about all through the day. In the case of a restaurant or bar, there might be loud music playing that could be heard all the way up in your home. In this case, it is always best to make a physical visit to the property before you decide if this lifestyle is ok for you and your family. 

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