Stepping into your brand new home is such a joyous feeling. Be it a place you bought or simply rented, there is still the excitement of decorating it for the first time. Or maybe you have been living there for a while but want a brighter, more cheerful atmosphere and looking for pocket-friendly options that don’t call for drastic décor changes. With changes in season and trends, it is only natural to want to spruce up the place to keep your spirits up and engaged. 

Here are some easy and quick fix décor tips that will brighten up your flats in Chennai

Accessorise in bright and light colours

A splash of colour brightens any space. While painting the walls may be a laborious and expensive task, you can always bring in colourful accessories. Throw pillows, rugs, blankets, wall hangings, and more, can immediately brighten your home and make it look cheerful and cosy. You can even match them to the season or the latest trend without creating a strain on your pocket. 

Light coloured carpeting or rugs create the illusion of more space and also keep the room looking bright and breezy. They go well with any coloured furniture and also help complement the other accessories creating the perfect foreground for them. 

Invest in good lighting:

Although mood lighting is all the rage, if you want to make your flats in Chennai look bright, you need to invest in good lighting that keeps the home well lit. This is especially important during the rainy and winter seasons. The house can get quite gloomy as there is very less light coming in from outside. This must be compensated with artificial lighting for those few months to retain the ambience of the home. 

You can play around with different types of lights, different shades and tones, and how and where you set them up. 

Green is the way to go

Add a lot of indoor plants to the décor. There are plenty of indoor plants that can thrive on low light and they actually help brighten up the place with their lovely colour and textures. Certain plants also help keep pests away. They freshen the air too and create a welcoming ambience. 

DIY projects

Wall painting need not always be an expensive affair. You can indulge in DIY projects to create accent walls that immediately brighten the rooms. This can be a fun weekend project with your family and friends. Make an event of it and enjoy the process with good food and drink. It also adds a personal touch to the home which adds to its sentimental value. 

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