Location advantages:

High rise apartments in Chennai, provide you with the advantage of living in an affluent neighbourhood. The developers themselves choose areas that have great potential for infrastructure development. The project has better access to educational institutions, workplace proximity, public transport, entertainment and healthcare. The developer is legally obliged to choose a space for their project that is in proximity to these facilities. These are vital to a comfortable life where every need and want is fulfilled within the radius of a short drive. 

Security features:

The high rise residential developers have a reputation to uphold with their clients, and tend to choose areas that are low in crime rates. The projects are always equipped with CCTV monitoring, covering all the common areas. There are security personnel to man the premises as well as the CCTV footage. The common areas are well lit for improved access. The roads that give access to the project are patrolled by the police at all times of the day. The same cannot be expected in individual residences or smaller residential buildings. These security features are covered within the maintenance charges in the high rise, and are not generally in the affordable range of individuals. 

Amenities in a high rise:

Let us look at the best perks of living in a multi story building. Almost all of the high rise apartments in Chennai offer a variety of amenities that make life so much more luxurious. All your basic needs like garbage collection, uninterrupted water and electricity, elevators, maintenance etc are taken care of by the association. Other extras like a swimming pool, air conditioned gym, community hall, jogging path, car park, lawns, park area for the kids, etc add value to your life. These facilities are available to you at a fraction of the cost of a club or gym membership. You only need to pay up towards maintenance. 

Social Life:

In a small building you have fewer neighbours. While privacy is appreciated, it may not be as good for your social life. Having a larger group of neighbours, gives you better options in finding people with common lifestyle choices, tastes and preferences, to befriend. People living in multi-storey residences also tend to send their children to the same schools and colleges. Your kids have a built in set of friends and playmates. Babysitting, and carpooling is easy as the kids have the same schedules. You always have company to make plans for the evenings or weekends with. The high rise apartments are also located near entertainment zones, and it becomes easy to entertain visiting friends and family. 

Great Views from atop:

In smaller buildings your view is restricted to the compound wall or the walls of other buildings surrounding you. In multi-storey buildings, you get great views of the surrounding landscape, depending on where your home is located. Even if the project is set in the heart of the city, it is likely to stand tall, above and over the rest of the nearby buildings. If not you get a view of sprawling greenery or even the coastline if you are lucky enough. This view also accounts for a lot of natural ventilation. The project is located within a commune that separates the buildings from direct exposure to the dust and noise ridden roads and streets. The overall quality of life in a high rise is better than in a smaller housing project or individual home. 

Cost of Living:

Like we mentioned earlier in the high rise apartments in Chennai, you can avail a lot of amenities you may not be able to afford as an individual. There are also utilities you need to pay. Utility costs are generally higher in the smaller buildings as the costs are shared by fewer residents. In multi-storey buildings the utilities come at a lower cost. They are also better constructed with good quality materials, so even the shared maintenance costs come down. Your kids get exposure to sports, and indoor games without the costs incurred towards a formal training. There are more people who can help with raising or looking after the kids when you are not available or want a day off from parenting. You can definitely cut back on babysitting costs. 

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