As Chennai inches towards a hot summer like every year, it is important that we handle essential resources like water carefully. The city is not new to water shortage, although developers of luxury apartments in Chennai ensure their residents are kept in comfort with an uninterrupted water supply. Despite this amenity, it is the duty of every individual to collectively help save water. 

This conservation habit reflects positively on the city as water distribution is more even. Additionally, you will also find a significant drop in your water bill as consumption is brought down. 

Identify and fix leaks:

Be it occupied or unoccupied flats, the problem of leaks is rampant. It can be from not closing the fixtures properly to fixtures that were not assembled perfectly. Check all plumbing fixtures within your home and make sure that they are not leaking. Have the resident’s association check the lines and fixtures of unoccupied flats with due permission from the owners and the developer, and fix any leaks promptly before heading into the summer season. 

Rainwater harvesting:

Developers of luxury flats in Chennai are already mandated to add rainwater harvesting features in their plans and execution of projects. This rainwater can be used to recharge the groundwater which will come in handy when the corporation water supply is intermittent. A little planning can go a long way in harnessing the rainwater that would otherwise run waste to the gutters. 

Efficient water meters:

Water meters are used to gauge the water consumption of each home in luxury flats in Chennai. When you are faced with tangible numbers, it is easier to cut down on wasteful use of water. You can check your consumption levels and compare them with other homes. Your water consumption is part of your monthly maintenance bill. Cutting down on water consumption can help reduce your maintenance bill. You can find innovative ways to include the whole family in reducing water consumption through a series of lifestyle changes. 

Innovative bathroom and kitchen fixtures:

There are taps available that are activated by sensors and let out only a brief flow of water. This prevents us from leaving the tap open and water running as we wash our face, hands, or brush our teeth. These taps can also be installed in the kitchen to ensure that water does not keep running when we wash vessels. This cuts water consumption considerably. Try to use the shower at lower water pressure to conserve water. There are also flushing systems in the market now that use around 5 litres of water in comparison to the 10+ litres of water consumed by conventional flushing systems. 

Making conservation a mindful habit:

Much of water conservation ultimately falls on our habits. It is within our control to control our water usage. It is as simple as turning off the tap when we brush our teeth or ensuring the tap is fully closed after using it. While going out or out of town, we turn off the gas, but seldom bother to check if all the plumbing fixtures are properly closed. Plants can be watered when the temperature is low so the water doesn’t evaporate away easily. 

Practise these simple things consciously and make sure that you teach them to the rest of your family and even friends. If possible, arrange for a residents’ meeting and discuss possible ways of conserving water. Stress the importance of water and how vital it is to our survival and comfort. Adopt budget-friendly ways to make this happen. The smallest of changes can make a huge impact when it comes to conserving water. 

Lifestyle Housing is a reputed real estate developer. Our projects primarily focus on 3 BHK flats for sale in Chennai which are popular among first-time homebuyers. We also sell 4 BHK apartments in Chennai in our luxury segment at very affordable prices. Our projects come equipped with all the essential water conservation features. But we encourage each homeowner and resident to do their part in managing their water consumption properly to get past the summer months with ease and relative comfort. 


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