When you are about to invest all your life savings in a home, you need to be sure of what you are doing. It is important that you get your money’s worth in property as well as keep yourself free of legal hassles. There are several options when you look for luxury flats in Chennai, but ensure that you are transacting with a reputed real estate builder. 

In this article, we list why a good brand name developer matters when it comes to buying your dream home. 

Project location:

The reputed estate builders will always choose to invest in locations that are popular. The projects are positioned in such a way that they have access to facilities like public transport, hospitals, schools, colleges, commercial zones, etc. The premium locations are also the ones safe for women and children and are generally free from crime. The appreciation rates in these areas are also good and the properties will become valuable assets in your portfolio. 

Consistent quality:

Such builders need to maintain a reputation in terms of execution. A brand name developer would give you uncompromised quality. From the materials they purchase to the quality control measures employed on site, they maintain a strict code. The labour force comprising both engineers and manual labour would be skilled. The planning and supervision would be left to the professionals. One can visually experience this in the output of luxury flats in Chennai. Another advantage is that such developers also indulge customers with any customisations they want. 

Transparency in process:

With a dedicated legal team in place, reputed developers ensure that all their legal and transactional processes remain transparent. Each transaction with the customer is recorded instantly. The costing sheet is prepared ahead of the sale and the break up is shown to them. The rates will be consistent with the market rates for that particular location and type of residence. You will get the area specified in the sale document, and know exactly what you are paying for. You can also walk into the construction site during working hours and check the progress and interact with the engineers for any queries. 

No legal disputes:

A reputed builder will always invest in projects that have clear titles and are not caught up in any legal disputes. At the very least, they get the legal dispute resolved before developing the property. They keep proper documentation of the land and approvals for the development from the government and local bodies. With lesser-known developers, there is always the chance that they might not have followed the proper legal processes, which may put you in a difficult place later on.

Availability of funding:

Brand name developers will never fall short of funding. They will have fallback plans in place. You can be sure that the construction work will never get delayed for lack of funds. With the RERA regulations in place now, they are even more careful to keep funding on track and see that the project moves along without any undue glitches. They also have contingency funds in place to mitigate the effects of any natural disasters, etc. 

Easy processing of loan:

When buying luxury flats in Chennai, you will need a sizeable home loan to fund your purchase. Processing the home loan on your own might take a long time and gets complicated. However, reputed builders have partnerships with nationalised banks. They help speed up the loan process for their clients. This partnership also adds to their reputation, as these lending institutions vet the organisations they partner with. 


You also get a choice of amenities when investing in luxury flats in Chennai from reputed developers. There is 24×7 uninterrupted water, power, and security. You can avail amenities like the gym, swimming pool, clubhouse, park, walking track, etc. Such premium amenities are only provided by reputed builders in the city. 

Lifestyle Housing is one such brand name real estate developer who has been leading the market for the past 10 years. If you are looking for luxury flats in Chennai, say 2 BHK flats in Porur, we are just the firm for you. Our success is owed to the careful selection of project locations and uncompromised quality in construction.

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