When you are looking for luxury flats in Chennai, there are so many options to choose from. Living in the heart of the city can get overwhelming at times, and the top floor provides a certain degree of privacy and dissociation from it. Despite the slightly higher costs associated with the privilege, here are the most compelling reasons why you should opt for investing in apartments on the top floors. 

The view:

Living in the heart of the city, with the concrete jungle all around us, the space can get a little cramped. When you pick an apartment in the top floors, you get a respite from this with an unobstructed view of the city from a height. This gives you a healthy emotional state and a peaceful environment at home. This is great for everyone in their family. 

Natural ventilation:

People tend to go for the lower floors as they are cooler. But the top floors have the advantage of natural ventilation. A home needs plenty of light and fresh air to feel comfortable in, and the top floors provide this. This air circulation is necessary for healthy physical and mental well-being. It makes the home feels more spacious. 


The higher the floor, the lesser the threat of crime. The flat becomes virtually inaccessible to criminals. This is in addition to the security guards, controlled access, and CCTV surveillance provided within the luxury flats in Chennai. There is less intrusion of unknown and unauthorised people. The safety of your family is of paramount importance and the top floor offers an additional and unexpected layer of security. 


For the same reasons as offering extra protection, the top floor also gives your more privacy. The lower floors have a lot more people movement as they try to get to the other floors. Unauthorised people are less likely to come all the way up to the top floor. Moreover, it is less likely to be in the direct sight of adjoining buildings, giving you complete privacy within the comfort of your home. 

Less pollution:

The city is crowded and we have to admit there is a lot of pollution there. This can be in the form of air, noise, and light pollution. There is air pollution from all the vehicular movement and dust. The traffic also brings a lot of noise with it. Similarly, the lower floors are exposed to light pollution from the surrounding roads and commercial buildings. However, the top floors in luxury flats in Chennai are shielded from all of this. The noise and dust don’t reach that high and there are very few surrounding buildings that will shine light directly into your home. 

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