Summer is nearly upon us and we are all subject to the harsh temperatures and muggy weather it brings with it. Despite the days starting out foggy, with a cold breeze, as the day progresses, we cannot deny the humidity and heat of a South Indian summer. For those of you living in high rise apartments in Chennai, it would be even hotter. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your home summer ready. 

Clean out the open areas:

There are plenty of open areas like balconies, terrace, drains and play areas. They need to be cleaned of any detritus or loose leaves. These tend to clog any drainage pathways and need to be cleared. Cleaning the balconies and keeping them waterlogging free for the summer can prevent any water damage. 

Clean your home of clutter:

Summer in South India, is the best time to do what westerners might call spring cleaning. Clear out the clutter and all things old that are no more of use. The hoarded stuff in the home are heat catchers that retain the heat within the space. They make your home look cramped, and add to the stress that the heat creates. Keep your home free and spacious so that air circulation is optimum in all rooms. 

Open the doors and windows:

Open those doors and windows so fresh air can circulate within the home. The heat is trapped along with the air in the enclosed space, keeping the home humid and hot. The stale air has to be forced out which can be done only if opposing openings are left open. This lets in the air from outside that continuously replaces the hot air in the space. This is especially important for high rise apartments in Chennai

An opportunity to paint:

Summer is a good time to experiment with colour palettes for your home. The home must be bright and welcoming to visitors and residents alike. Muted colours in pastel shades are always easy on the eyes, come winter or summer. There are paints now that keep the outside heat from infiltrating through the walls. This new version of your home keeps your space cool and fresh all the time. 

Adding accents:

You can add brighter bolder colours as contrast in cushions, rugs, carpets and curtains. Although lighter coloured and light weighted fabrics are best suited to keep the home cool. They allow in enough light that keeps the rooms well-lit, while the light fabrics let the air through from the open windows. This makes the room appear brighter and larger, while the temperature is cool and conducive to comfort. 

Rearrange the furnishings:

Cozy and overly done décor might feel snug in the rainy, and winter seasons. But this is not going to work for the summer. Move your furniture flush with the walls with just a little buffer space between them. Open the floor space in each room. This free space makes for great air circulation that would otherwise be trapped in cluttered spaces. Apartments in Chennai come in all sizes but the right layout of furniture makes the home spacious. 

Make a whole new space of your balconies:

The balcony becomes a private, semi enclosed space that is attached to your home, where you can enjoy the outdoors during the summer. Pull out a couch or comfy chairs or roll out a mattress on the balcony. Put up some plants that will freshen up the air. Sip on your favourite drink and spend time there with a good book or friends and family on those hazy summer evenings. If you happen to have a great view, then it’s an added bonus. 

Bring home some indoor plants:

Plants bring a positive atmosphere to any space. There are plenty of plants that can be kept indoors with little maintenance, but are super beneficial. The following indoor plants actually help keep the space cool. 

  • Aloe vera
  • Bamboo palm
  • Weeping fig
  • Snakeskin
  • Peace Lily
  • Boston fern
  • Money Plant
  • Spider plant

While you think about decorating your home for the summer, how about investing in premium properties from Lifestyle Housing. We carefully design the layout of the home and common areas for natural ventilation in all seasons. The paints we choose and the tiles we place all contribute towards keeping the space warm or cool depending on the seasonal weather. We give open spaces around the buildings so air moves freely through the entire project. We have new residential projects in TNagar, Chennai, that are worth a visit. Book a site visit at your convenience at our gated community in TNagar at lifestylehousing.

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