When planning for the future, a major portion of decisions goes towards our financial well-being. Having a secure place of shelter, and comfortable passive income, are the key areas of focus for retirement. You can get this both with real estate investments, and specific investments in apartments in Chennai. There are several choice properties to choose from, but let us look at why they will give you a good return on investment. 

First, let us see why Chennai is a good place to invest in, then approach why apartments are the best way to go. 

Accelerated Infrastructure growth:

Chennai has a high rate of infrastructure development, even more than other metropolitan cities of India. The inner city is already well developed, and the city limits are expanding even as you read this. For a city of this size, the ratio of infrastructure facilities to people is quite good. Being the state headquarters, all the important Government agencies are located here, and even international embassies. There are also several private and government organizations, production facilities, and IT firms in Chennai that provide ample opportunity for a new and advanced future.

From transportation to education and healthcare, there is no dearth of facilities here. The residents of the city coexist with these facilities making the Chennai property market highly valuable especially for real estate within the city. Property rates keep growing each year, and will always be in the investor’s favor. 

A great place to settle down in:

Chennai is a cornucopia of cultures and people. People from all over India, and even the world have chosen to live in Chennai. This led to a diverse cultural explosion, where you can enjoy exposure to a lot of cultures, languages, food, and people. There is no dearth of entertainment, from multiplex theatres to restaurants of every cuisine, and the city is rich in historical monuments, and religious institutions. You can spend your leisure time absorbing all this, and more. 

So what makes apartments in Chennai, of particular interest in real estate investment here?

Equipped with Amenities:

Apartments come pre-equipped with all kinds of amenities that you may not be able to afford as an individual. There is 24×7 uninterrupted water and power, air-conditioned gyms, parks, jogging track, swimming pool, private theatre rooms, etc. Apart from this, the most important part is all the extra security that they have. There will be 24×7 monitoring by security personnel, CCTV network, restricted access, fire-fighting equipment on all levels, etc. 

High return on investment:

Whenever we make investments we think of how much returns it would bring over an extended period of time. We are putting a major chunk of our hard-earned money into something, and it is justified that we want good value out of it. Gold and real estate are some of the most stable investments for an individual. Apartments in Chennai are especially high-stakes investments as they can fetch good ROI even within a short period of time. Thanks to the steady influx of people into Chennai, and expanding facilities, property rates will always be on the upper side here. This is why the property market was one of the first to bounce back after the initial lockdown was relaxed. Even if you wish to sell off the apartment, later on, you will get a sizable profit even after years of usage. 

An additional source of income:

Apartments are also great as an additional investment as they make a sensible source of passive income. Apart from having your own home, you are in a position to offer a home to others. The passive rental income can even help you meet the payments towards the home. Everything your tenant needs will be taken care of by the resident’s association, and you are freed from the hassle of maintenance. You can also get high-value rental income as luxury flats in Chennai are rented out as serviced apartments, and shared renting gives you higher value than renting to a single individual.

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