Renting is as complicated as looking for a home to buy. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, you would expect the same level of amenities and services to be made available to you. Let’s have a look at some of the amenities that you should look at when trying to rent apartments in Chennai.

Furnished Units:

If you are a first-time renter, like moving to a different city on your own, or starting a new family, then you could do well to look for furnished or semi-furnished apartments. The rent may be a little higher, but considering the immediate investment of buying all the household furnishings in one go, you will find this is a lesser burden on your pocket. This is also great for youngsters who stay temporarily in a city for work. Friends and colleagues can come together to rent a furnished unit instead of splitting the cost of buying them.

Pet-friendly apartments

We cannot afford to let go of our four-legged friends every time we move houses. It is always better to look for pet-friendly apartments, especially for families with children. Sooner or later the kids will coax you into getting pets for them. It is not just enough that the apartment association allows you to have pets. There must be open spaces so your pets can get plenty of exercises and fresh air.

Private Indoor space

If you are into gardening or hosting parties, then you need a beautiful indoor space that is open. All apartments in Chennai have balconies, but very few have private open terraces. It might take some research to find such apartments but the view and privacy are well worth the trouble. You can indulge your green thumb or wow your guests without disrupting the other residents.


Parking is a prime amenity to consider when renting an apartment. You are paying good money, and shouldn’t have to park on the street or in the guest parking. There should be ample covered parking space for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers allotted to each flat.

Fitness amenities

Having a healthy lifestyle should be part of your everyday routine. This is facilitated by fitness amenities like air-conditioned gyms, swimming pools, and indoor games centers. The resources might be limited and there are people to be shared with, but if you work out a proper schedule then you shouldn’t have to forgo your fitness routines. 

Entertainment amenities

The apartment must have some features that allow you to relax and unwind over the weekend. Even if you want to entertain guests for a party or event, there must be space to do that. Apartments in Chennai now are equipped with community halls, mini theatre rooms, barbecue pits, indoor game centers, etc where you can entertain friends and family.

Safety Features

You need to feel safe to live comfortably in a rented home. The apartment must have 24×7 security personnel, CCTV monitoring, fire safety measures, and warning signs. All the common areas must be well lit and covered by CCTV surveillance including the corridors within the building. All visitors must be monitored and noted. If the apartment has restricted entry like video, biometric, or carded access, then you are better off than even living in an individual home.


Apartments in Chennai these days are all four floors and up. Climbing the flights of stairs would be ok for young people and children, but definitely not for the infirm and elderly. The apartment must have a functioning elevator that is large enough to fit the norms set by the local governing body. This must be useful in helping transport people and objects up and down the building.


The apartment should have proper maintenance facilities like housekeeping and other service personnel at hand. Check with the house owner if the maintenance amount is included in the rent. Check how much the association charges and that you don’t end up paying more than that. The maintenance people should be readily available to sort out issues quickly. Check if you can directly interact with the association instead of having to go through your house owner every time.

Access to facilities

The apartment must be located in close proximity to schools, hospitals, commercial zones, and if you are lucky, your work. This proximity gives you convenient access to them. You don’t need to rush anywhere or leave hours earlier to get to a place on time. Access to public transport saves you money on transport and makes outstation travel even easier. 

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