Every person on this earth wishes to own their dream house. As buying land, especially in the city, and building their own home is still a far-fetched possibility for mean, luxury flats in Chennai, with their unique advantages, are the hottest moving real estate properties. Apartments are the perfect choice of residence as they come equipped with lots of facilities and hassle-free maintenance that an individual might not be able to afford on their own. 

When it comes to choosing an apartment to invest in, there are 10 most important factors that you need to consider before buying your dream home.

Location of the apartment community:

Location is the top priority as once you have bought the apartment you are bound to that location for life. Check for how good and safe the area is. If it is directly located on the main road, are the flats insulated against noise pollution, protected against dust, etc. How close is the residential community located to hospitals, education institutions, commercial and entertainment centres, access to public transport, etc are major deciding factors. Some also choose to stay close to their work.

Ambience of the neighbourhood

Your immediate surroundings must be to your liking. Apartments in Chennai are available in almost every locality, but your family will spend the best part of their lives in this area. The neighbourhood must be clean and tidy. The safety of your family is paramount and thus the neighbourhood must generally be crime-free or have low crime rates. It should be safe enough for children and women to move freely without any fear.

Orientation of the site

The site must be well protected and private from the surrounding buildings and roads. It shouldn’t be very close to or indirect view of the neighbouring buildings. This will hamper your privacy. Ensure that the apartment you choose is hidden away. Check for surrounding buildings that may prevent your home from getting natural light and ventilation, while protecting the home from being directly lashed by rains.

Resources in the land

The land must be located in an area with plenty of water, either as groundwater or with a good uninterrupted metro water supply. The soil should be of good quality and construction worthy. Get a note of the soil and water reports from the area, and also from surrounding projects. Check with the neighbours about water logging in the area, and the integrity of the drainage system.

Construction integrity of the structure

If the site is still under construction then check for structural integrity markers like signs of seepage in the plastering or brickwork, cracks in the plaster, and if you have sufficient knowledge, the quality of construction materials. In case it’s ready to move, you should still look for hairline cracks extending in the walls. These can usually be corrected by a simple paint job. Check for the quality of the electrical and plumbing fittings. Open and close the doors and windows to check for creaking.

Security in the building and community

The apartment should have plenty of security features in place to ensure the safety of your family, especially the children. There must be 24×7 security personnel guarding the gates and the premises. There must be fire fighting measures, hazard signs, and safety evacuation plans in plain sight. Luxury flats in Chennai offer additional safety features like restricted access with biometric, video or card systems. The entire premises including the corridors in the building must be covered with CCTV surveillance.

Amenities in the apartment:

All the luxury flats in Chennai offer plenty of amenities that attract customers to them. There are swimming pools, air-conditioned gyms, indoor games centres, play parks, community halls, water treatment plants, lawns, walking tracks etc. People of all ages can enjoy the comforts they provide. Access to all these as an individual can get otherwise expensive, but here you can get them at a nominal maintenance fee every month.

Administrative and Social Costs

Like we mentioned in the earlier section, you are liable for a monthly maintenance fee, as well as a security deposit when buying the apartment. This money goes towards paying the housekeeping staff, the attendees, the security guards, and the shared electricity and water charges. This monthly fee might be a fixed amount or a fixed rate calculated on the total Sale area of your apartment.

Verification of legal documents

Buying a house involves a lot of legal paperwork that you need to check upon. Verify the title, and ownership of the seller as it clears the property from any legal disputes. If possible have a professional look over all the documents to ensure that the sale is in your favour. Make sure that the developer has received all the approvals and permits from the local governing body.

Possibility of financial assistance

There is always the possibility that you might need financial assistance to buy the home. Especially when you are investing in luxury flats in Chennai, you could be a little out of your price range, but getting a home loan could rectify that. Check with the seller if they are tied up with any national banks, which makes the home loan process easier. 

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