One of the deepest desires of every Indian is to own a home. Of the three basic needs of Food, Clothing, and Shelter, food and clothing are easily accomplished. A shelter of our own is still a dream for many, as they spend their entire lives moving from one rental home to another, always having to live within the rules and regulations imposed by the owner. But true freedom comes from living in your home, and that dream can come true by investing in apartments in Chennai

Psychological perks of owning a home:

Owning a home comes with its own perks. People who live in homes they own are less stressed and more comfortable than tenants anywhere. Unlike rent which could be increased any time, your home loan payments will remain the same. There are also plenty of flexible payment schemes that you can plan around your monthly income. 

You are free to make any changes you want from painting the walls to your liking, to hanging up pictures of your family. The community within the apartment makes for a healthy and active social life for yourself, the other adults in the family, and even the kids. They will get playmates from the same age group and even from the same educational institution. This keeps everyone healthy, happy, and comfortable.

Access to amenities:

Owning an apartment in Chennai comes with a whole array of benefits. You get unlimited access to so many amenities that you cannot think of living in a rental home. Air-conditioned gym, swimming pool, private walking paths, theatre room, games room, etc. to keep you fit and relaxed. There are plenty of activities like indoor games, a kid’s pool, and other kid-friendly activities and groups that will keep them occupied on their holidays. Apartment communities are also elder-friendly with dedicated spaces that are safe for them. 

Uninterrupted water and power keep you comfortably appointed. Not even a premium club membership will give you access to so many facilities for free or for just a nominal maintenance fee. You needn’t even have to wait for your house owner to sort out any issues, the residents association takes care of it for you. You might think why not just rent an apartment in a good community. But for the amount you pay in rent, you might as well pay off a home loan each month. This way that home will be yours.  

Secure living:

The safety of your family takes a high priority. There is only so much you can do to secure a rented home. But in your own home, especially if you invest in an apartment in Chennai, you get free and highly advanced security measures. From 24×7 security personnel to CCTV monitoring of the premises, your family is made completely safe at home. This secure feeling only comes from owning a home. 

Financial implications of owning a home:

Many people argue that renting is cheaper and more flexible than buying a home. But think in the long term. You are paying quite a bit each month to someone else, precious money that you could have been investing in your future. 

The property market is steadily appreciating, and buying into it means you get a piece of the pie too. As you pay off your loan, you will find that your equity also increases. Equity is the difference between the original value of the home and the debt. This is because the property value increases simultaneously. There are also several tax benefits that you can avail of when you have a home loan. 

Say your job involves a lot of moving, you might argue against owning a home in one place. But think about it as a safety net for your retirement. You can travel all over the world, but there is a place you can call your own, waiting for you. Moreover, you can rent it out, and use the rent to pay off the rent at whichever location you move to. Any savings can now go straight into other investments that generate more interest. Thus owning a home, leaves your future secure, in terms of finances, as well as a place to settle down in. 

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