Your dream home is now yours! You have wisely invested in luxury flats in Chennai and it’s a matter of pride. But before you invite people over, the house needs to be furnished to make it a home. But your life savings are invested in the home, and there is little left to decorate the place with. 

This article will help you furnish your home to your heart’s desire while on a budget.

Sustainable furnishing:

Buying pre-owned or rather pre-loved furniture is a good option. Used goods stores usually carry furniture that is good to use or ones that need some minor repairs. You will be sure to find some pieces of good quality that go with the décor theme in your mind. Second-hand furniture can be found both online as well as in thrift stores. There are also some thrift stores attached to children’s shelters and old age homes, where your money would go to a good cause. You might even end up with designer furnishings that are otherwise out of your price range. You can also check around with friends and family if there is any furniture that you can take off their hands. 

Small scale furniture stores

When you are on a budget, the larger furniture chains may be out of your price range. But there is always the chance that your local furniture store or woodworker can offer you a good deal. You can even get bespoke items at almost half the price they would charge in larger showrooms. You can also take advantage of clearance sales during festival seasons or in the financial year end. 

Renting furniture

Another cost saving option is to rent furniture. A lot of rental sites offer complete packages at a very affordable price every month. You get to choose high quality furniture at the fraction of the cost of buying it for yourself. Your luxury flats in Chennai can be furnished as lavishly as you dreamt of. There are subscription options for long-term renting. They also offer you the choice to swap your furniture every few months, so your apartment gets a fresh look. But this option comes with its cons. Renting furniture, in the long run, may run a tab more expensive than actually buying them. 

Multi-purpose furniture

Instead of spending more money on buying different pieces of furniture, you can consider the multi-purpose of flexible furniture. Fold out coffee tables, beds with storage, pull-out sofas, etc. take up less space and are less expensive than buying the full set in separate pieces. They also make your home look spacious as they take up less floor space. 

DIY furniture

If you are in the mood for a weekend project or are generally creative, you could look at upcycling things into original furniture pieces. Old tires can be made into tables, seats, decorative stands, etc. Crates that are polished and painted also make good tables and seating. Old sarees and dupatta can be used as curtains and table runners. You can paint old trunks and suitcases and nail cushions on them to make cute balcony seating or even a den. There are thousands of upcycling videos that you can refer to. It can also be a fun project with friends and family that eventually ends with your home being beautifully furnished. 

Try these ideas and if you have more let us know in the comments section. Lifestyle Housing is a developer of luxury apartments in Chennai. Our 3BHK flats for sale in Chennai are spacious and will inspire fresh ideas for furnishing them.

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