For many, buying a home is the investment of their lifetime. It could mean spending years of saved up money, a lifetime of paying back loans and maybe even putting other assets up as collateral. As you come to a decision, shouldn’t you be looking to make the most of it? If you have your eyes on those luxury flats in Chennai, here are some tips on how to save money, while still getting the home of your dreams. 

Freeze a budget

Take careful note of your expenses and other investments, and come up with a feasible budget for the home. This is important, as many people find themselves in trouble, having overextended themselves. Having a clear budget will ensure your everyday life is smooth, and you can meet your monthly payments on time. You are literally saving money, simply by choosing within an affordable range of apartments. 

Check for under-construction properties

The passing of RERA has increased the transparency and accountability of real estate developers. While ready-to-move-in properties were the choice of the last decade, you can now safely book homes in under-construction projects, since the chance of it getting delayed or stopped is infinitesimal. Another reason is that under-construction projects always come at cheaper rates than completed ones. The difference in rates translates into a significant amount when calculated as the total value of the property. You might even be able to afford luxury flats in Chennai

Be flexible in your search

Yes, everyone has preconceived notions about their dream home, its location, amenities, etc. But when you actually start the search, it is advisable to be more flexible and open in your choices. Feel free to explore locations that are not your first choice, but come at a better rate. Instead of the heart of the city, projects in locations in other areas come at better rates, while still carrying the same amenities and proximity to facilities. This means you will get a better return on investment as the area develops over the years. Your cost of living is also lowered which gives you more freedom in planning your monthly finances.

Ask yourself a series of questions before you finalise the property of your choice. Do you have to stay in the heart of the town and pay more for the location or would you prefer to move into a more comfortable home on the outskirts and save more? Apartments on the outskirts of city limits will have reasonably lower rates and with best-in-class amenities and deliver the best ROI.

The same goes for the amenities. Most luxury flats in Chennai feature premium amenities. Some developers charge the buyers for the amenities besides the monthly maintenance fee. Some developers offer them at no extra cost. Look for projects where there are free amenities that actually contribute to a comfortable life. 

Look out for deals

There is no harm in a good bargain. Now that the festive season is almost around the corner, developers will offer attractive deals and lowered rates to boost sales. If you have narrowed down the projects, check for the history of deals and discounts offered previously by the developers. This will help you wait for a little to get the house at the best deal. You can also try negotiating the rate with the developer. 

Choosing the home loan

The most common solution for homebuyers is availing of a home loan. In the wake of the pandemic, the Government and the RBI offered a lot of tax relief on home loans. This was a move to encourage investment in real estate. All the nationalised banks lowered their interest rates and even relaxed the home loan application process to ensure more people could avail the loan. 

You can find some banks offering interest rates as low as 6.5%. You also need to check the tenure and how flexible the payment methods are. With these factors in consideration, you can save up a considerable amount of money in the long term. 

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