The place we live in has a significant impact on our health. There is nothing like a healthy lifestyle that keeps one youthful and stress-free. Either we lack the time or we lack the facilities to keep up with a healthy daily routine. Now your home can be a part of your regimen with the amazing amenities that our well-planned residential communities in Chennai have. 

Workout Spaces:

There are only so many amenities for working out that one can afford to set up in an individual home. We all have signed up for expensive gym sessions that we end up not attending coz it doesn’t fit into our schedules. At Lifestyle Housing projects, your workout needs are taken care of with expertly designed facilities at our luxury apartments in Chennai. 

There is a spacious Air-conditioned gymnasium fully furnished with all the proper exercise equipment. The flooring is Anti Slip to ensure a good grip on your shoes, to prevent any stress on the feet. The gym is open to all residents to be used at your convenience. You can develop a healthy routine that flushes out the toxins in your body. 

There is a lush landscaped walkway, set with gazebos where people of all ages, can take leisurely walks, or energetic runs and then take a break to catch up with their friends. There is also a dedicated space for indoor games to combat stress and spend your leisure time with productive activity. 

Swimming pool and Paddle Pool:

Another proven method to relieve stress and get your workout in is swimming. It is one of the most holistic workout methods, especially if you want to avoid the impact of stress from exercising otherwise. It builds great endurance and is good for muscle development. It is a healthy cardiovascular workout that also flushes the toxins out of your body. It is also a fun and easy way to lose weight. 

There is also a kiddie or paddle pool for the kids to have fun. They can also start having a healthy lifestyle from the start out. We work towards designing our projects to accommodate people of all ages. 

Meditation and Yoga:

While Indians have been practicing Yoga for ages, it has now been scientifically proved that yoga and meditation have a positive effect on a person’s physical and mental well-being. Our fast-paced lifestyle and rigorous physical strain, leave our body and mind stressed out. In a Lifestyle Home, you get a dedicated Meditation space with other amenities. The community hall can also be used to hold yoga sessions for the residents. This promotes a stress-free lifestyle by reducing chronic stress patterns. It also builds awareness and clarity of mind, for a productive personal and professional life, that can be found at our luxury apartments in Chennai. 

Dedicated Space for AC outdoor:

Let us look at an oft-overlooked detail in residential communities. Every home is equipped with air conditioners these days, to combat the heat from the hot Indian summers. However, this very object is contributing to the heat, by way of its outdoor unit. The outdoor unit acts as an exhaust and vents out hot air. This unit is usually installed on the balconies, the window sunshades, etc. All these are essential ventilation points of a home. When we open the doors and windows, the hot air from the outdoor unit flows back into the home, pulling up the temperature. To avoid this, Lifestyle Housings has designed a dedicated space for the outdoor unit. This keeps the ambient temperature of your home pleasant, and optimal for all seasons. We keep your comforts on par to the lifestyle you desire, with attention to little details. 

24×7 Power and water supply:

We strive to provide 24×7 uninterrupted water and electricity supply at our luxury apartment projects. Water and electricity are essential to our survival in the urban environment. Any disruptions in their supply cause a lot of inconveniences, some of which directly translate into poor sanitation, and impact our health. Home is where we come to relax and unwind after a long day at work, and such inconveniences create an uncomfortable experience. 

Storm drainage system:

One of Chennai’s biggest concerns in the past few years has been the flooding of areas during the rainy season. Apart from the muddy water, it brings with it a slew of other problems like mosquitoes, waterborne diseases, and other such issues. We have an extensive storm drainage system that drains water quickly, with no stagnation. This kind of planned design helps upkeep the healthy lifestyle that our customers desire. 

Now all you need is to call us and book a site visit with Lifestyle Housing to get a start on your healthy life. We have luxury apartments in T Nagar and 2BHK flats in Porur that are located on prime roads, keeping you close to both commercial and residential zones. 

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