Apartments in Chennai, are available in many sizes, with the average one being anywhere from 700 sq ft to 900 sq ft. The rooms are just about enough, and the living room where the maximum furniture is laid out can look cramped and stuffy. 

But you can still make the most out of your space, with these simple design and décor tips, from the top real estate developer in Chennai. 

Keep furniture away from the walls:

While our common sense might tell us to free the floor space and move everything flush with the walls, interior experts say this is not in fact your best option. Move your furniture away from the walls, especially your large items like sofas, diwans, poofy chairs, etc. Leave a little space, just enough for a person to fit in sideways. This gives depth to the room layout while making the room appear airy. 

Mirror the space:

Mirrors are a very versatile piece of décor. They fit in well with both traditional and modern décor themes, and to top it all, they can make a room appear bigger instantly. If you place a mirror against an open area, with plenty of natural light, it reflects the same, making your space look double the size. They are a sure-fire way to create a space that unfolds out into itself, giving your living room the best option to look spacious. 

Indulge in vertical décor:

If you want to create the illusion of space, when the floor space is less you need to make the room appear taller. If you are living in your own home, you can definitely try vertical patterned wallpapers, or if you have an artistic side, then try your hand at painting your wall with stencils. The other idea is to use tall, slender décor pieces that can be placed in the corners of the room. High corner shelves are an eye-catching detail that beautifies your home. The walls can be filled with rectangular picture frames, with art that matches your color theme. 

Go big with large décor elements:

It is wise to stick to minimal décor when you are in an apartment with a small living room. But what you can do is make the few décor items that you have around, true statement pieces. They draw the visitor’s attention away from the size of the room. Make sure they are positioned prominently and are the first things that catch your eye when entering the home. This can also be functional décor like a large lamp, or a stuffed armchair, serving two purposes at once. This method also reduces your decorating costs. 

Floor level seating:

If you are furnishing anew, you can think of low-lying furnishings like diwans, ottomans, etc instead of full-sized furniture. Some of these even come with concealed storage space for your newspapers, magazines, knickknacks, or toys if you have kids. They open up your walls and make the room appear taller. You can also move this furniture around easily to give your home a fresh makeover every few months. 

Paint it in light shades:

Nothing brightens up a room other than bright and light-colored paint. White or off whites work best, but you can try your hand at other light shades like beige, mint, powder blue, or baby pink. Not only do they make your room look spacious, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. Those shades are easy on the eyes too. 

Open your room to natural ventilation:

Let your living room breathe with natural light and ventilation. If you have a window that opens up to the outside, then open it. You can cover it in lightweight and light-colored drapes, to give your living room, the air, a well-lit look. If you can leave the door open with maybe a grill gate, then it will create a nice cross breeze that cleanses away the stale air and feeds the room with fresh air. This makes the space appear comfortable, and it is a cozy spot to read your favorite book or catch up on the crafts. 

Live it up with natural décor:

Plants always make a room come alive, with their delicate colors, and of course the fresh air they provide. Go for tall, slender plants that can be stood in the corners or smaller houseplants that can be hung from the ceiling, again in the corners. 

These are all pretty great ideas to spruce up your living room. But if you are searching for luxury flats in Chennai, our 4BHK apartments in T Nagar could be just what you are looking for. Spacious, and filled with modern amenities, you can feel your life move forward here.

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