Buying a home? Here are 7 elements that you should look out for when considering apartment complexes, especially luxury apartments in Chennai.

Ample Parking Space:

One of the most critical problems that homebuyers face these days is the lack of parking space. This is especially visible in urban areas. The developers feel the need to reach the maximum FSI for better profits, and most homeowners are left parking their vehicles on the street. This is neither safe nor is it viable in the long run. When choosing an apartment complex, make sure that there is ample parking space to accommodate even large cars. The car parking allocation must preferably be done by the developer themselves, with slots to spare for guest parking, and for customers to buy additional parking. 

Safety and security measures in place:

For most people, the reason for choosing a residential community or luxury apartments in Chennai is to ensure the safety of their families. Enquire about the security measures that they have taken. When we say security, we normally think of security guards, and that’s about it. But, proper security includes, security guards on duty 24×7, CCTV monitoring of the entire complex, well-lit common areas, firefighting equipment, and properly covered and marked hazardous areas. If the developer offers video access, card access, etc. then it is an added bonus. Also, ensure that the area the project is located in is a safe residential area. Every non-resident entering and leaving the premises must be accounted for. 

Uninterrupted Water and Power supply:

Our comfort is a prime factor when choosing a new home. The basic essentials of this comfort include water and electricity. Even though developers advertise their projects as having 24×7 water and electricity, it is wise to make few checks of your own. Enquire the existing residents, or people in nearby apartments about the same. You will get a general idea about water scarcity problems if any, in that area. The next step is to see what the measures are, taken by the developer to ensure continuous water and power supply. Usually, this is in the form of bore wells, diesel generators, solar panels backup power, etc. 

Accessibility to all areas, and people:

The residential complex in the city can have many floors and can be spread over a wide area, as per the approvals received by the developer. It is important that you have proper access to all the floors and the full width and breadth of the community. Any building above 3 floors must have an operating elevator that is maintained properly. Staircases should be wider than 0.85 m, to allow unrestricted use in the case of emergencies. The entrance of the community, as well as each apartment block, must be wheelchair accessible to accommodate people with disabilities. Most developers lock the terrace for safety reasons but check with them if you can get your own key. The paths and driveways in and around the apartment block must be open and allow free movement of vehicles and people. 

Natural light and ventilation:

Natural ventilation and light are hard to come upon in the city. The roads are narrow and the plots are scarce, so builders tend to use every inch of the space. This is not good for the residents, as the neighboring buildings will be right outside their windows. There must be ample space between the surrounding buildings and good frontage from the road. This allows natural light and ventilation into your homes, giving you a healthy lifestyle. And the cherry on the cake is the lowered utility costs from not keeping your lights and AC on all through the day and night. 

Building maintenance:

The resident’s association is going to charge you for maintenance. This maintenance should cover security salaries, housekeeping in the common areas, maintenance of water tanks, elevators, pumps, and electricity meters, and other amenities. Enquire if the housekeeping staff, also pick up the garbage on all floors every day. Such a level of maintenance is required to lead a healthy and hygienic life. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth inefficient maintenance. 

These are the basic elements you should look at, and their availability shows that the project is of good reputation. All the Lifestyle Housing projects are equipped with 20+ premium amenities, with customer happiness as the key focus. Our 3BHK and 4BHK apartments in T Nagar in Chennai, are our latest luxury projects that bring to you much more than you could ever imagine at your home. 

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