For people from all over India, Chennai has been a safe haven for hundreds of years. From a tiny fishing hamlet, it has now grown to a bustling metropolitan city that’s 426 square kilometers and is still growing at an exponential rate. Thousands of people migrate here every year to take advantage of the benefits that life in Chennai entails. 

While the immediate future here seems rosy, there are also several long-run benefits, especially for those investing in luxury apartments in Chennai

Enormous potential for job opportunities:

Chennai has over 20,000 companies operating from within the city, and in the suburbs. Nearly half of this is IT firms, mostly run by large multinational corporations. There are job opportunities for nearly every educational background, and even for those with no education. The jobs also have better compensation than you can find anywhere else in India, even in the other metropolitan cities. The jobs also come with a slew of benefits that keep your family in secure comfort. You can switch jobs easily, and it is even easy for your children to grow up and find jobs, without having to dislocate. 

Excellent facilities:

Chennai city is growing every year, with new infrastructure projects being planned every single day. There is an extensive road and railway network that keeps the workforce mobile. The Metro Rail project, and its upcoming phases, will soon cover every single locale in Chennai. Getting to and from work, or school, etc. is not only easily accessible with transport modes, but it’s also cheaper when compared to other cities. 

There are also internationally acclaimed schools and colleges where our kids can get a world-class education. People from all over the world come to Chennai for availing state the art medical procedures. Affordable and advanced healthcare is one of the perks of living here. This is also why people from other states, and even countries are migrating to Chennai to build a future for themselves. 

Cleaner, Greener City:

The Government, and the Chennai City Corporation, are taking new initiatives to make the city better. They have built parks with trees and other greenery in every area. The city itself is being cleaned every day by the Corporation sweepers and Garbage disposal workers. The reservoirs and canals have been cleaned out. A lot of NGOs have also joined in cleaning up the city. 

The public sanitation infrastructure has seen drastic improvement over the last 10 years. The public transport system has been expanded, with 4 lane roads converted to 6 or 8 lanes, and frequency of buses and trains increased. This is aimed at reducing traffic, and air and noise pollution. The luxury apartments in Chennai, are also equipped with lush gardens and lawns that keep the premises pollution-free, and fresh. 

Great places to visit and cultures to absorb:

Chennai as mentioned earlier is a multi-cultural entity. There are pockets of the city where different cultures are concentrated. From great food to colorful festivals, there is something to celebrate in Chennai every day. Being the state headquarters, one can find all the international embassies here, where one can attend different programs and events to widen their cultural palette. 

Besides this Chennai is home to several prominent religious institutions, nature reserves, world-famous beaches, and historical monuments. For the modern generations, there is no dearth of malls, theme parks, theatres, and restaurants. Settling down in a luxury apartment in Chennai gives one a lifetime of entertainment and education.

With all the above infrastructure and facilities, it is undeniable that real estate development in Chennai has been booming. Real estate developers are providing every amenity to keep the residents comfortable. The property rates are also steadily increasing, making real estate investments in Chennai, a valuable investment. Even if you plan to move out in the future, the resale value will be high in the long run, earning you a handsome profit. Even if not, rental income is also a lucrative perk of this city. 

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