The finish and final appearance of your home’s interiors go a long way toward making it your dream home. Some people have a natural aesthetic sense that they use to decorate their home and personalise it to their tastes. However, after investing so much in buying those luxury apartments in Chennai, it is best left in the hands of professional interior designers. 

What does an Interior designer do:

Interior Designers are distinctly different from Interior decorators. Decorators work with fully constructed spaces and only work on the finishes like painting, wallpapers, and furnishings. Interior designers on the other handwork on the architectural aspects of the house in addition to the final aesthetics. They work in cohesion with the structural engineers and builders to facilitate the execution of the perfect home for you. 

When should you hire an interior designer:

A lot of people prefer buying ready to move in apartments in Chennai leaving the basic structural design to the default offered by the builder. However, if you are building an individual home, or want structural changes done to your apartment, you will need to hire an interior designer. They take into consideration your budget, your design preferences, the final finish you want to create as the personality of your home, etc, and put together a custom design. They will try to enhance the ergonomics and functionality of each room and element in the home for maximum comfort and utility, that is also pleasing to the senses. 

How to select the interior designer:

Like the tips mentioned in our previous article on How to select the construction company in Chennai, selecting the interior designer also starts with a basic search on Google. Try to spot the most popular interior designers and design firms. 

Their websites will give you a fair idea about their experience with the number of years the company has existed, the scale and size of projects they have undertaken, the customer testimonials on the site, the awards and recognition they have in the industry, etc. 

Ask around friends and family if they have any recommendations. It is always safer to go with an interior designer that is known in your circle. You might get a better deal out of them, plus there are people you know who can vouch for the quality of their work. 

Check with fellow residents in your apartments in Chennai. You might find the design of someone’s home particularly appealing and can always ask them to recommend their interior designer. 

Check with the developer if they are partnered with any interior designers. They might have an in-house team that works on their model flats. You can work out a good deal with the builder for less than what it might cost you to hire someone on your own. 

Shortlist a few designers and sit down with them to discuss your requirements and their inputs on it. In the conversation, you will figure out if they are receptive to your concerns and work towards addressing them instead of forcing their ideas on you. It will also help you choose someone who can work well within your budget. 

Ask for the portfolio of their previous works. This will show their exposure and the range of experience they have. You can even pick an existing design that comes as a standard package that they offer. This will cost less than going for a custom design. This will leave less flexibility for your inputs but it will be something that you are confident of the output of since they have already worked on similar projects. 

Check the kind of materials and brands they use to create the final output. The materials used must be of good quality to last you for a long time without any damage. The selection of materials also shows how committed they are to quality and sustaining a good relationship with their customers. 

Ask for their license and their membership in industry associations. It could be an individual or firm, but their involvement in such associations comes with an automatic vetting process. You are assured of their reputation. 

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