TNagar is one of Chennai’s most talked about and most identifiable locations, with its streets lined with shops and a distinct multitude of people. The lure of the place is so strong that not only Chennaiites but also people from other states and even other countries make sure to stop there for a fast-paced shopping day filled with bargaining and sampling the City’s diverse palette. So if you ever choose to live in apartments in TNagar, you are in for a treat as you get both the peaceful residential community you desire as well as the hustle and bustle of India’s largest shopping district by revenue. 

The History of T Nagar:

TNagar is a well-planned locality that was built by the Raja of Panagal between the years 1923-1925. It was done with the guidelines of The Madras Town Planning Act and with the help of the Madras Presidency Government. The area was named after the then Justice Party Leader Sir P. Theagaraya Chetty, while the Panagal Park was named after the Raja of Panagal. The streets of the layout were named after various Government officials of that period. 

Variety of shops:

The first thing to address on anything TNagar is the shops. From the smallest plastic knick-knacks to the most expensive jewels, one can step into this shopping wonderland and come out with exactly what we went looking for. An astounding 5,00,000 people turn up on the weekends to shop in TNagar, while a still huge number of nearly 2,00,000 people are around on the weekdays too. As mentioned before, the business district pulls around INR 200,000 Million annually, which is more than Connaught Place in Delhi and Linking Road in Mumbai. 

The jewellery shops alone account for nearly 80% of the total Gold sales in Chennai. In addition, there are the Textile shops that are a veritable rainbow of silks from all over India. Then there are the utensils showrooms that are decked from floor to roof in gleaming vessels. Last but not least are the street vendors whose shops carry clothes, accessories, footwear, bags, and lots of household articles at bargain prices. 

The Flavours of T Nagar:

When you buy an apartment in TNagar, you can dine out for every meal for a whole month and still be finding new places to eat at. As a business district, the eateries there cater to every cuisine imaginable. The eateries are nestled in between the other shops, and you need to have a sharp eye to identify most of them. 

Apart from the proper restaurants, there are a lot of roadside shops that serve juices, hot and cold beverages, short eats, and fresh-cut fruits. As evening approaches, one finds the elevating aroma of fresh filter coffee wafting through the lanes, and the sound of temple bells come floating above the noise of the large crowds. The flavours of TNagar come together beautifully to give you a wholesome shopping and dining experience. 

Festival season in T Nagar:

During each festival season, TNagar seems to gain new life. The space bursts at its seams with shoppers trying to catch the best deals and discounts. All the shops offer discounted rates or extras that attract the people. One needn’t even walk the roads as the crowd will literally pull and push you to where you want to go. Of course, this also means a hard time trying to find a parking spot. But you can just take a brisk walk from your apartments in TNagar

Although the usual business hours for the TNagar market are 10 am to 10 pm, it is best to visit from afternoon 12 to evening 5 if you want to do your shopping in relative peace. It is a great place to live in and hang out, especially in the comfort of our luxury flats in Tnagar

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