No one can deny the positive effect of being in an airy, well-lit space. There is something so calm and comforting about an indoor space that has fresh air. It is cool and welcoming, which keeps our spirits elevated all day. Such is the ambiance of the luxury apartments in Chennai, from Lifestyle Housing. 

Natural ventilation promotes a healthy lifestyle. The clean, fresh air, boosts your oxygen levels, keeping you energetic all day. It also keeps your immune system strong, and it stimulates serotonin production, which in turn keeps us happy! 

Our projects are primarily located in the heart of the city, and one could definitely think – “What is this about natural ventilation in the city?” We all think that the city is bound to be so crowded, and there is no space for natural airflow. But with the right design, anything is possible. 

Our projects usually include a single block or two to three blocks spread over the site, with ample landscaping and driveway space surrounding the buildings. This buffer from the roads, and surrounding buildings, makes sure that airflow is plentiful. The buildings are also 4 floors and up that lets the light in from all directions. In fact our project on GN Chetty Road in TNagar, the apartment complex rises up 11 floors, well above the surrounding buildings, allowing for free movement of light and fresh air. There is less pollution at this height, ensuring a steady supply of clean, fresh air. 

Each of the homes is appointed with large windows in all the rooms. There is also a French door that opens onto the balcony. The rooms and the windows are also positioned in such a way that leaving them open will give you a nice breeze due to cross ventilation. 

In the luxury apartments in Chennai, on each floor, there are wide access corridors that separate the flats, and large ventilation shafts that run the full height between each home. These open spaces on each floor, funnel the air into your homes. Each room with windows opening out also gets plenty of natural light that you won’t even need to switch on the electric lights during the day. 

Having natural ventilation in your home, not only keeps your home in good vibes but also reflects monetarily in decreased power bills. You would rarely need to keep the lights and the air conditioning on. You can save nearly 30% of your utility bill, simply by leaving your windows open to nature. 

Lifestyle Housing’s luxury apartments in Chennai are planned with ergonomics and empathy in mind, to ensure all our customers’ needs are met. Head on to lifestyle housing to get a view of our projects and 4BHK houses for sale. 


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