Any urban landscape is made up of different types of buildings. There are individual houses of one or two floors, apartments that seem to soar to the heavens, and then more that are in between. Even as you search for the perfect home within the luxury flats in Chennai, you face the choice between, low, mid and high-rise apartments. 

Each of these units has its own benefits. In this article, we highlight the benefits of living in a mid-rise apartment. 

Before that, let us clarify what a Mid-rise apartment is. 

The classification depends entirely on the number of floors. A mid-rise apartment is one that has between 5 to 12 floors. Buildings with less than 5 floors are called low-rise buildings, and those with more than 12 floors are high-rise buildings. But in accordance with regulations, the mid-rise apartments come with many of the features of the high-rise apartments. Most urban areas in cities like Chennai only have legal provisions for mid-rise apartments. 

Beautiful view over the city

Mid-rise apartments have better views than low-rise apartments. They are taller than the buildings around them and the top floors have good potential to give you breathtaking views of the urbanscape. As Chennai is dotted with reservoirs and green parks nestled amidst all the concrete, the views will be a much-needed relief. You can revel in the scenic views and enjoy the fresh air high above the roads. 

Easy access to the elevator

Mid-rise apartments have fewer residents. This means there are fewer people waiting to access the elevator at any point in the day. The floors are less and your waiting time gets reduced. Imagine waiting for the floor all the way up on the top floor of a high-rise building, especially when you need to rush to work. This problem will never occur in a mid-rise apartment. 

Even if the elevator fails to work or is under maintenance, you can take the stairs. It’s a slight but bearable inconvenience. It could mean a bit of a workout, while it is near impossible to do the same in high-rise apartments. 

Guaranteed privacy

Mid-rise apartments also offer plenty of privacy. With fewer homes per floor, especially in the luxury flats in Chennai, there will be fewer people accessing the common corridors on your floor. The security is also better, and the movement of outsiders will be closely monitored. You will definitely get to know all your neighbours and there is little to no chance of them invading your privacy within your home. 

Full-scale amenities

Despite not being on the scale of high-rise apartments, mid-rise apartments offer the same full-scale amenities as they do. Gardens, walking paths, swimming pools, air-conditioned gyms, theatres, community halls, security features, covered parking, etc. are available in mid-rise luxury flats in Chennai. You get the full benefit of the lifestyle, minus the crowds. Your family can enjoy a luxurious life right in the comfort of home, without having to leave the community to access any of these facilities.

Now that we outlined the benefits of living in mid-rise apartments, let’s also quickly peruse the benefits of each group of floors, so you can make an educated choice when buying a house. 

Benefits of living on the bottom floors

The bottom floors would typically mean the floors up to the third level. Having your home on one of these floors gives you easy access to the facilities on the ground level. You can quickly take the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. You can also quickly evacuate the building in case of emergencies like a fire or other natural disasters. 

Benefits of living on the middle floors

The middle floors have better insulation than the floors below and above. They remain cool during the summers and sufficiently warm during the cold season. You can still take the stairs in a pinch if the elevator is taking too long to come to your floor. 

Benefits of living on the top floors

The top floors are always the most coveted floors of any building where you can live in style. They have great views and get plenty of natural ventilation. They are isolated from the noise of the city below. The air is also less polluted up there. If you opt for a home on the topmost floor, then it means there are no homes above you, and that’s one less noise. Your home is also less susceptible to thefts. 

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