When there is a lot of technological progress, one can expect criminal activity to progress along with it. Despite the best efforts of the police, it is also prudent for the real estate developers and individuals themselves to better protect their homes. The safety of your loved ones is paramount and should be established even before you move into your new home. 

This article outlines the security systems and protocols available in luxury apartments in Chennai, and how to add on to it. 

The first line of defence

The first line of defence is selecting an apartment that comes with inherent safety features in place. Luxury apartments in Chennai are equipped with several amenities that focus on providing a safe and comfortable life for their customers. They employ security personnel who will man the premises 24 x 7. Anyone who is not a resident has to make an entry at the gate with the security guard there. Their movement is also noted with CCTV security systems. 

Some of the projects come equipped with smart card entry for their residents, along with video-controlled access. Any visitor will have to present themselves on video before they are buzzed into the specific apartment they have come to visit. Reputed real estate developers ensure that their projects are located in an area that is generally safe for women and children. The local police are also asked to patrol the area every day to keep an eye for suspicious activity. 

Check the locks

Whether you are buying a pre-owned home or a new one, always check the locks before moving in. This is even more important in the case of pre-owned homes, as multiple tenants over the years could have had access to the keys. Always make sure you change the locks before you move in. In the case of new apartments, check the soundness of the locks, and you can even upgrade to a different model of your choice. 

Always close any unused doors and windows

Most luxury apartments in Chennai have additional grills covering any openings like the main doors, balcony doors, and windows. You can secure the grills appropriately even when you are at home to ensure that intruders cannot enter the home easily. Keep windows and doors closed at night, as these are vulnerable points. Open doors and windows give a glimpse into your home which is not advisable as someone might discern where you place your valuables. 

Keep lights on

Criminals are attracted to homes that are completely dark as it gives them the benefit of surprise. Always leave a few lights on when you go out. You can also leave a light on in the common area during the night. Set timers to manipulate the turning on and off of lights at random when you go away for long periods. This gives the impression that someone is at home and dissuades criminals. 

Don’t leave keys lying about

A lot of us have the keyrings right beside the main door. They are accessible to anyone walking by the home. Sometimes the keys are accessible through the gaps of the grill gate even when it is closed. Move the key holder to a place that is not easily accessed from the main door. We also take better care of our house keys than we do our car keys. Misplaced car keys can lead to car theft, as cars leaving the apartment are not generally checked. The car key may also be used to gain access to any documents and keys you might leave in the car. So keep your car keys on your person always. 

Opt for a Home security system

Despite the safety measures given by your apartment developer, it is still wise to install a home security system of your own. The building’s camera system will only cover the common areas on the ground floor and not the floor you are in. You can set up a camera above your front door to see who is trying to access your home. Movement detection devices, extra locks, cameras, etc. offer an extra layer of protection. You can even set up a voice-control lock on your main door. Just be sure to choose an experienced and discreet home security service provider. 

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