Follow this complete guide to buying luxury flats in Chennai. Ease your way into your dream home with these highlights.


The primary factor in choosing your luxury flats in Chennai is the location. All areas come with a range of apartments and you can choose from them after narrowing down your location. It can be in the area where you work or where another family member works. It could be where the kids go to school, making it close to home for them. Choosing the area also includes checking its access to facilities like public transport, stores, hospitals, entertainment, etc. It should also be safe in general for children and women.

Type of apartment:

The second is the type of apartment – whether you are looking for a newly constructed house or looking for pre-owned homes. Once you determine that, then you filter the options with the number of bedrooms and other amenities that you desire. Whichever you choose, always do a thorough background check on the developers as well as the first owners. This saves you a lot of trouble in the later stages, especially when you apply for a home loan and post the purchase. 

Offers and deals:

The time you choose to buy the property also matters. Right now, the pandemic has made banks and the government offer moratoriums, reduced interest rates, and easier loan applications. Tempting as it may be, you also need to check the rate offered by the developers for their units. Some of them offer special rates during the project launch and during festival seasons. To get the best deal, trace the pattern of the rates offered by them and wait for an opportune time. This ensures that you can meet your expenses and stay well within budget.

Payment terms:

The payment tenure and plan when you buy luxury flats in Chennai also depends on whether you buy a new, under construction, or pre-owned home. An under-construction home allows you to spread your payments over each phase in construction. When buying a new home or pre-owned, you have to come up with the money upfront. In this case, your only option is a home loan. 

Blocking the home:

When you like a certain flat but are uncertain about it, you can choose to block it by making a small down payment. This is temporary, and you need to make a decision on it soon, but it ensures that the flat is not given away before you make up your mind. Every developer has a different amount for this blocking payment. You also need to check with them if the amount is fully or partially refundable in case you choose not to buy the home. 

Applying for a loan:

It sounds easier to go with your regular banker to get a home loan, but if you have taken previous loans with them, it reduces your borrowing capacity. Since the banks have lowered their interest rates and monthly payments, it would be wiser to check the home loan options from all the reputed lenders. Alternatively, the real estate developers have also partnered with certain banks, easing the loan application process for their customers. They can also effectively guide you to the best deal and payment tenure for you. 


If you are buying an under-construction apartment, then you will be given an allotment letter by the developer. This will include the details of the flat like a number, area, value, additional amenities like car parking and their value, payment tenure and plan, etc. 

In the case of a completed or pre-owned home, you will be given a sale agreement by the seller. This document will be provided upon completion of construction in the case of under-construction houses. When the sale agreement has been signed, you then need to register the home legally under your name. 

For the uninformed, the process of buying luxury flats in Chennai can be daunting. But we at Lifestyle Housing, assure you that our experts will completely guide you through the process with absolute transparency. Our projects including our latest gated community apartments in Porur, are located in proximity to all essential facilities and equipped with luxury amenities. 


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