Woodwork adds luxury to any space, and who wouldn’t want it in their home. Wooden furniture and fixtures add a beautiful aesthetic and value to your home. They become an essential part of making your luxury apartment in Chennai, truly luxurious. 

There are so many turnkey interior services that can expertly do the job of fabrication and installation, but when it comes to colour choice, you are at the mercy of your tastes and preferences. There are certain technical factors that determine what colors you need to go for when it comes to woodwork. We are going to outline them here in this article to help you make the best choice for your dream home. 

Choice of material:

The choice of material matters in both the life of the furnishings as well as the colour. The smaller furniture can be made of proper hardwood like teak or mahogany. They usually come in a medium to a dark finish. For larger furniture or fixtures softwood like pine works better. If you want a sustainable alternative then you can go with Rubberwood, which comes in a beautiful blonde to tan. Just ensure the rubberwood is properly treated for durability. 

Size and layout of the rooms:

Luxury apartments in Chennai are fairly spacious but there may be one or two rooms that are smaller than the others. In that case, choose a lighter coloured wood for those rooms. Be it the flooring or furnishings, light-coloured wood gives a spacious feel to the room. The ambiance is airy and creates a sense of comfort. 

If you have a large home then you can also indulge in darker woods or experiment with different stains.

Solids or Patterns:

People think the safest bet is to go with solid coloured wood with minimal texture. But wood with naturally occurring imperfections like knots of different colours adds character to the space. Alternatively, you can opt for Parquet flooring which is a staple when it comes to patterned wood. Reclaimed wood planks are also trending of late, which give a rustic chic to your home. It also goes well with both traditional and contemporary décor themes. But patterned wood generally pairs well with solid colour paint, and walls with minimal to no texture accents. Luxury apartments in Chennai are generally fitted with this combination, as it works great in spacious homes.

Check for natural lighting:

The appearance of the wood also changes with the light source. Natural light from the outside gives a soft cozy quality to wood-furnished homes. The colour of the wood looks different throughout the day, giving a fresh perspective. 

But direct exposure to sunlight can damage the wood. Some wood turns dark while others get bleached with sunlight. Talk to your interior designer about minimising exposure to natural light. 

Ask for samples:

Looking at a sample strip in a catalog will never give you the big picture. Ask for sample boards you can take home. Set them up in different rooms. Check out how they look in the room light and then natural light, through different points of the day. This will give you a fair sense of how the wood will fit into your décor and how your home would feel when it’s fully furnished. 

Your wood furnishings are an investment that adds aesthetic and value to your home. Take your time and do your research before choosing the wood and the colour of the stain. Engage a professional installer with prior experience fitting homes of your size. 

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