The three essential needs of every individual are food, clothing and shelter. But as the basic needs are filled, our needs and desires get an upgrade. It’s like if you have eaten at a 3 star restaurant, you would want to try a 5 star restaurant next. Similarly if you live in a rental property or a mid-sized home, your desire would be to move to a luxury home, buying it for yourself in the process. Luxury flats in Chennai can cost quite a bit, but getting a true luxury lifestyle out of them comes with its own cost. You need to have a clear head about it, before investing in luxury properties. 

Amenities and their dues:

Luxury flats in Chennai, come with a whole host of amenities. They make our lives more comfortable and entertaining than we could have imagined. These amenities are free for you to use. However as the residents utilise the amenities, you need to pay up a nominal annual or monthly amount for their upkeep. This ensures that the facilities are properly maintained by the association and the common areas are clean and safe. At Lifestyle Housing our luxury apartments comes with 20+ premium and full scale amenities like

  • Swimming pools, 
  • Air conditioned gyms
  • Multi purpose hall
  • Movie screening halls
  • Ample car parking space
  • Play area for children
  • Seating areas for the elderly
  • Walking paths
  • Direct gas line to the kitchens
  • Uninterrupted power and water supply
  • Water treatment plant
  • 24×7 Security and CCTV 
  • Video controlled access to the apartment

All the amenities are also maintained by the association, unlike a private residence where you have to take care of everything, and finding good service people is truly hard these days. Paying the maintenance fee is also so much cheaper than having to pay for club privileges for the swimming pool or gym access to other private institutions.

Hiring help:

Once you have decided to move to a luxury apartment in Chennai, it is likely you will need hired help. Professional household help can take over the mundane chores for a reasonable rate. This leaves you free to truly enjoy a luxurious life. Your time is saved, and your home is neat and clean all the time. Luxury homes are usually more high maintenance, due to their size. Your busy schedule may not permit you to take care of all the chores, like cleaning and organising all by yourself. Most luxury flats in Chennai are partnered with maintenance companies from where you can hire reliable help, either on a daily basis or on a weekly schedule. Our resident’s association is also partnered with a highly efficient maintenance crew from which you can hire professional help.  

Secure Lifestyle:

Investing in a luxury lifestyle comes with the added benefit of investing in a secure lifestyle. The safety of our loved ones is the highest priority and Lifestyle Housing offers the best security features there are. There are,

  • Security personnel manning the premises 24×7
  • High end CCTV covering all the common areas
  • Ample lighting for safe access to common areas
  • Restricted entry for people other than residents
  • Logs of all vehicle movement in and out of the community
  • Fire safety equipment available in all areas
  • Adequate safety measures like guardrails around all hazards. 

You can live a luxurious lifestyle, comfortable in the thought that the safety of your family is taken care of. This safety and security cannot be expected in mid size apartments and individual houses. 

Finding affordable luxury homes:

Luxury flats in Chennai tend to be more expensive than your average mid-sized home. This is due to the high quality construction and materials that the developer uses. The homes are built to last with every tiny detail for luxurious living taken into account. Property rates in a city like Chennai are generally high. But Lifestyle Housing has the best rates in town for unbeatable quality. Our Sales and Accounts team can help you figure out and plan your budget. We are also partnered with reputed national banks for easy processing of home loans. 

At Lifestyle Housing we have luxury apartments in TNagar that can truly help you upgrade to a luxury lifestyle. The luxury flats in TNagar will be equipped with every convenience possible. We don’t want to say it all in text, when we can host a site visit. Leave us your details here lifestyle housing.

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