For many people living within the city is a costly experience, and restricted to whatever space is available. But it feels like there is no other option especially when a place in the city is closer to work and other facilities. But what if you could get the same on the fringes of the city. 

There are actually several benefits to living outside the city that the added commute time isn’t an issue anymore. Located away from the city just enough to have easy access but without any of the space constraints and expensive utilities is an absolute dream. 

Cheaper property rates:

Whether you are buying an apartment or villa or plot, the property rates however expensive are nevertheless lesser than in the city. If you are on a budget but still want to get a spacious home, then looking at the suburbs is a viable solution. Better than buying a plot and developing it, you can directly buy apartments that come with all the amenities and access to nearby facilities for a reasonable rate. That extra space that would cost you an arm and a leg in the city is available by default here. Happinest by Lifestyle housing located in SP Koil has only 68 homes over a 1 acre plot making for spacious homes and common areas. There’s plenty of space for the kids to play and people to walk. We have plots in ECR where we can guarantee the same luxurious lifestyle, at the lowest prices. The utilities also become cheaper as you move away from the city. You are more likely to find household help for better rates. 

Access to facilities:

Developers are legally required to ensure that the property is close to educational institutions, healthcare, and has immediate access to public transport. So you need not worry that you can only get them within the city. For example, Happinest, is located right on the SP Koil to Sri Perambudur highway giving it access to the city and outstation travel via the Chennai-Bangalore highway. The bus stop is within walking distance and so is the SP Koil railway station. It’s about a 10 minute drive from the SRM hospital and university. There are several premium educational institutions located near the project making it a well-rounded residential community. 

Cleaner, Quiet environment:

Compared to the hustle and bustle of the city, the suburbs prove to be a peaceful haven. There is little to no traffic noise despite being located near major roadways. There are more open spaces surrounding the homes. The air and water quality is better, and the ventilation is unmatched. The roads are also cleaner than in the city as garbage disposal is handled better here. Since the population is less, there is no crowding in public places. Most projects in the outskirts are surrounded by lush greenery. This makes for a healthy environment for the entire family just like the luxury apartments in Chennai provide. 

Great place for senior retirement:

Moving to the suburbs is a great option for the elderly, as it removes them from the crowded and fast paced life in the city. After a life of busy routine and working long hours, people wish for some quiet and calm to relax. They have done their due to their family and the government and now all that’s left to do is live out life in a happy, comfortable environment. Living in the city would defeat this purpose. Most residential projects including Happinest have a fair share of elderly couples living with or without their family. They have better access to healthcare without the long hours spent in traffic and hospital waiting rooms. Their quality of life is better as they can move at their own pace without having the city rush them.  

As the influx of people into the city for work increases, there is a visible migration towards the outskirts. Investment in suburban properties has increased in the past decade. The city is becoming crowded and expensive, and the outskirts are looking more and more attractive. Lifestyle housing does have Happinest in Singaperumal Koil to cater to this niche customer base, but for those still looking at options in the city, we have the best apartments in Porur and flats for sale in T Nagar

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