When choosing a place for ourselves, we want a space that we are comfortable in, which reflects our personality and it feels like home. The space feels familiar and we want to live there happily and peacefully with our family. Each individual has a different set of dreams on what their ideal home looks and feels like. It could be in a desired location, or have a certain architectural style, however we can all agree that the home must be of good quality. Each developer has a standard to maintain and offer different kinds of homes to their clients, but to live up to the expectations of the clients, makes them a successful business. Now let us look at the ideal characteristics of a quality home. 

Spacious with lots of ventilation:

A home must be well ventilated, spacious and airy for a comfortable life. These are necessary to have a healthy and happy life. Wouldn’t you rather be in a naturally well lit, spacious home that has fresh air to breath? Apart from the physical and mental effect they have on us, good ventilation is necessary to keep the home clean and free from moisture damage. It keeps the furniture and walls dry and keeps us free from mold. It keeps the home free from odour and the space feels fresh. There is an overall good vibe to a place that has natural light and air come in. The extra space helps us move comfortably without getting in anyone’s way. 

Ergonomic Design:

The use of space must be effective with all utilities planned in an ergonomic design. Even an inch difference in height of the kitchen counter might make you uncomfortable, while you cannot figure out why you feel that way. The wall layouts of luxury apartments in Chennai are designed to keep unused space to a minimum if not nil. This is especially important if you are getting the interior design done along with construction. Each detail must be fully planned before execution to avoid costly mistakes. 

High quality materials:

Although little is known of this subject among laymen, it is important to educate oneself about the quality of construction materials. Whether you are buying luxury apartments in Chennai or building a home, this is a key factor to the longevity of the structure. Make sure the builder or contractor buys only good quality materials. Additional checks are done at site, as prescribed in the IS codes, to test the quality of the materials. 

Ceiling height:

An ideal home needs a ceiling height of 10-12 feet. A lot of home investors are opting for false ceilings. To accommodate the false ceiling panels, the designers need to cut at least 1.5 to 2 feet of the wall height. A lowered ceiling makes the room look cramped and congested. Higher the ceiling, the more spacious the room will look even if the floor space is less. A ceiling height of 10-11 feet also has potential for allocating attic and loft space for storage. It also works well for chandeliers and other hanging lights in your décor. 

Spacious Kitchens:

Luxury apartments in Chennai are designed with spacious kitchens. The kitchen needs a lot of storage space to store the kitchen essentials. Lot of people buy dry groceries in bulk and need space to keep them. The everyday essentials must also be placed near the stove counter for convenience. There must also be ample counter space for the dishes and the cleaned utensils. The kitchen has a rhythmic flow of movement and the space must be designed to keep it streamlined. 

High Quality fittings:

Most builders provide the basic fittings like taps, showerheads, sanitary fittings etc. Some buyers might purchase fittings of their own choice and give them to the builder to fit. But most buyers just go with what the builder provides. The fittings can be considered as a mini investment as they need to last a long time. They can even add a classy elegance to the interiors. If the fittings are of good quality then the builder has given some thought into the quality of everyday life in that home. 

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