These days, working out of the home has become the norm for most people in the world. With lockdown being put into effect again, it has been advised that non-essential staff continue working from home. If you are living in apartments in Chennai, working at home might not have been the most pleasant experience. There is little space and finding a convenient work station at home is a nightmare. 

Separating the living and working areas of the home is difficult. There are too many distractions and productivity and efficiency are affected. There are people moving around, sounds, etc. Even if you try to work from the privacy of your bedroom, you will find your sleep cycle disrupted as your brain starts associating the space with work. But with the following tips, you can create a work station right in your living room. 

1. Clean up the living room:

Clutter is the biggest and most formidable enemy of productivity. Start by tidying up the living room and removing any knickknacks that are taking up space. Keep the space organised and you will that there is room for you to work from. 

Start clearing up a dedicated space for your work. It can be a separate unit or even one half of the tea table in the hall. You can work from the comfort of the couch. Create enough space for all your work materials and tools like your laptop, files and stationary. Arrange them in a neat and organised way so that they are handy whenever you sit down to work. 

2. Set up with some natural ventilation:

Setting up your work station against or close to a window is optimal. The window should be a source of natural lighting and air movement. The natural light and fresh air keep your mood elevated and your mind fresh. You will not feel the normal fatigue that one would experience sitting in a closed-off room. 

Try to work under the natural light for as long as possible. When the light starts dimming, supplement it with another light source. Don’t ever work in the dark or under dim light, as it is harmful to your eyesight. 

3. Ban any distractions:

The living room is most likely the same as the rec room in apartments in Chennai. So this puts the TV, entertainment centre, etc right in your vicinity. You could do without the distractions that they bring. Try putting away the remotes and other controls and consoles out of sight during your work hours. If not out of sight, at least put them out of arm’s reach. This will hinder you from reaching out to them every time you feel you need a break. 

Keep a selection of snacks in a container, water, your energy drink of choice, etc. near you, before you sit to work, so you don’t find yourself wandering off to the kitchen every so often. This will ensure your focus doesn’t break. 

4. Try to use proper work furniture:

Try to use a desk if you already have one at home, or if your funds allow it, invest in a god desk and ergonomic work chair. They can be set up to compartmentalise your work area. Even if you don’t have a desk, any table that fits comfortably in your intended space with a proper chair would do. 

The appropriate work set up keeps you focussed on the task at the head rather than spend every few minutes fidgeting to get yourself into a comfortable enough posture. 

5. Utilise existing furnishings to your advantage:

Getting proper work set up is an expensive affair, and you might not want to make that investment right away. Let’s talk about how to upscale the existing furniture and space to suit your needs. You can even set up the workspace on your living room floor with some cushions or bedding. You can set up a lounge chair by the window. There are numerous possibilities once you start getting creative. 

Ensure that whatever furniture you use or space you set up, you should be able to comfortably sit in it in your usual working posture for long periods of time. 

6. Personalise the space:

Personalising the space makes you more comfortable and familiar with the setup. You need a visual relief that you can use to rest your eyes when work gets hectic. Add a vase of fresh flowers, or your favourite bauble from the display case. Potted plants and succulents near you can keep the air fresh and your energy levels up. Throw in a colourful rug underneath that brightens up space. Arrange your stationery in colourful mugs or organisers. 

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