Anyone who has experienced the process of buying a house will tell you that the home resale value was one of the deciding factors in their purchase. Whether you want to live in it or rent it out, there might come a point where you need to sell it. 

Let us look at how to choose from luxury flats in Chennai that will ensure a good resale value.

Location Value:

When choosing to buy luxury apartments in Chennai, choose from projects in premium residential locations. Prospective buyers in the future are attracted to such sites. Such projects have access to varied transport facilities, hospitals, schools, colleges, and entertainment. Check for proposed and ongoing infrastructure developments near the project. This will surely increase property values. 

When checking location, it is also important to note how secure the area is, the frequency of police patrols, water stagnation, and garbage disposal. Projects located in safe, secure, and sanitary locations always attract more buyers, and even if you don’t plan to sell, surely you would wish to live in such a place too. 

Access to clean water and power:

Water has always been a problem in the capital city. But some areas are fortunate enough to get 24×7 access to freshwater through underground wells and consistent metro water supply. Check if the project has sufficient access to water for the foreseeable future. 

The area shouldn’t be prone to frequent power cuts, and the project in which you are interested should have alternate arrangements for providing an uninterrupted power supply. This ensures that people will buy the flat in the future without any worries about water and power, which is a major deciding factor in urban areas.


People choose to buy houses in apartments as they get a lot of amenities for free or at a nominal cost. Therefore it is best to choose projects that offer premium and useful amenities. At the least, they should have a well-planned security system, ample car parking space, water treatment plant, fire-fighting systems, air-conditioned gym, community hall, a swimming pool, and game room. Luxury flats in Chennai will definitely come with lots more amenities than the ones listed here. 

Vastu Compliant floor plans:

You may not believe in Vastu, but there is no telling if your prospective buyers might want a Vastu-compliant home. There should be ample flow of natural light and ventilation through the home. This keeps the ambiance pleasant and productive. Make sure that you invest in a completely vastu compliant home as they will retain good value even in the future. 

Now that we have seen how to select properties that will fetch you good value, there are also some basic tips and tricks to showing an existing home to buyers. 

Keep it clean:

The basic rule to keeping your resale value high is to have a clean apartment. People don’t want to be reminded that they are buying a second-hand home when they are invariably spending a lot of money. Before opening the house to prospective showings, you should give it a deep clean, and fresh coat of paint. Repair any damages you or your current tenants have made. 

Deep clean the bathrooms and kitchens. Make sure the tiles and countertops are spotless. Water stains, grime, etc., are unappealing and might even turn away prospective buyers. 

Create a pleasing aesthetic:

People are more attracted to homes that give them an actual feel of their life there. Empty homes can be inspirational but don’t give the feeling of comfort. Add some décor like corner tables, figurines, wall hangings, planters, etc. Place the furniture a little away from the walls to create a look of being more spacious than it actually is. You can also try rearranging the layout of each room to create as much space as possible. Try to keep only functional furnishings and appliances on display. 

Invest in detailing:

Luxury flats in Chennai usually come as a shell structure, and all the interiors are left to your taste. On buying the flat, try adding some detailing after discussing it with your interior designer. It could be crown molding, texture plasters, ceiling beams, etc. This creates an undeniable air of luxury and definitely adds to the worth of the home.  

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