We might travel the world or even go into space, but, at the end of the day, everyone wants to come back to a warm and comforting home. House isn’t just a place to live in, but a home filled with happiness and good memories. A dream home isn’t something that is easily accessible to many. People still prefer renting over buying as they think it doesn’t cause much financial strain on their month-on-month expenses. It would take nearly a lifetime of savings to buy flats in Chennai

But there are compelling reasons why one should own a home instead of renting it. If you have been hesitant till date, then this article will change your mind. 

Freedom to make changes:

In a rented house, you are obligated to maintain the restrictions set by the landlord. In your own home, you are free to make personalized décor choices. You can paint it in the colour of your choice, make structural changes, and have the classic freedom to drive nails through your walls. Your children are free to unleash their creativity on the walls without fear of consequences. This is only possible in your own home. 

If there is a problem with any of the infrastructure or facilities, you can only report it to the landlord. You will have to wait till they take action, which may not be as prompt as you want. At this point, you might be tempted to build your own home, but if you invest in Flats in Chennai, all your infrastructure, facilities, and maintenance needs are taken care of by the Resident’s Association or the builder at a very nominal cost.  

A Secure Life:

You would be paying out rent every month, but the landlord can evict you any time they want. Even after years of paying rent, which would exceed what the owner invested in it, you cannot claim ownership of that property. But when you buy a home, you are completely entitled to it, and your future is secure. 

Even when we talk about the literal meaning of security, almost any 3 BHK flats for sale in Chennai come with fully equipped security measures. There’s CCTV monitoring, security guards, controlled access, fire safety, and more. This isn’t normally affordable to an individual, nor can you get it with your rented house. 

A Wise Investment:

Property prices are always on the rise in the long term. Owning a home not only gives you a guaranteed shelter in your future but also serves as a healthy investment that gives good returns. You can rent out your flats in Chennai or even sell them if you don’t need them for yourself. It is also a safe investment in your children’s future.

A healthy social life:

When you own flats in Chennai, you are buying into a healthy social life. Choose from real estate projects that are in classy residential neighbourhoods, and you are set for life. They come with proper amenities that you are entitled to use. Facilities like schools, colleges, hospitals are located close by. The other kids in the apartment will likely attend the same schools as your children, and they have a ready-made playgroup. The adults in the family also have a proper social circle to interact with among the other residents. 

The Emotional value of owning a home:

The material value of a home will always increase, but there is a strong emotional value in investing in them – The pride of owning a home. Your decision-making definitely becomes more confident, as you are backed by a significant financial asset. You used your hard-earned money and invested in your future and your children’s future. This is an accomplishment that not many can boast of, and the pride is well deserved. 

With a little financial planning and a home loan, you are looking at a stress-free life in your own home. This added security significantly boosts your physical and mental well-being.  Now is the time to start looking at properties that you can call your own. 

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