With great power comes great responsibility. The power of the internet is undeniable. It has invaded our lives and has moved from being a want to a need. In the pandemic, children were also forced to participate in online classrooms. The internet holds so many resources for children which helps them develop into well-formed beings. But it also poses a major threat to them, with malicious content and anonymous predatory users. We need to protect our children from them while ensuring they get the best use out of the internet. 

Here is how you can create a family-friendly and more importantly, child-friendly computer room in your luxury flats in Chennai. 

Choose your machine

The kind of equipment you get influences the kind of setup you want to make. Laptops and tablets may not require much space and can be carried around the house. However, if you want to make the kids settle down in one place to use the computer, then it’s best to go with a Desktop computer. You can always keep an eye on the children and know when they are using the system. 

Dedicate a space for it

Once you have the equipment decided, then it’s time to find a place for them. Luxury flats in Chennai have spacious rooms and there are plenty of nooks to choose from within the home. Be it the living room, study or any of the bedrooms, it is important that the computer desk be placed in such a way that it is visible to you even when you are engaged in other work. The space needs to be out of the way and not hamper the flow of movement within the rest of the house. 

Shared workstations

With the lack of space in apartments, it might be prudent to build a workstation that you can share with your kids. A double desk or wall desk could be space saving and allow multiple seating options too. Invest in comfortable furniture as a bulk of your time might be spent here if you are working from home. You can work along while the kids take their classes or play games. It also helps you keep track of their schoolwork and monitor the content they access online. The perfect place for this would be in the living room or in the study of your luxury flats in Chennai so that this space doesn’t invade your private space like bedrooms. 

Maintain clear ground rules

There need to be clear ground rules for the use of the computer. It is best for young children to always use the computer under adult supervision. Older children can be allowed to use the computer without an adult monitoring them, provided they stick to the rules. Ensure you are well read on which sites are safe, the age restrictions on them, potential online threats, etc. 

There are parental controls on all devices and ensure they are in place. There is a certain software that also allows access only to kid-friendly sites on the browser. If you and the children are using the same system, then create a separate account for them, so they don’t access your work files. Disable the camera when the children are using the system unsupervised. Set strict time limits to minimise screen time. 

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