When thinking of buying a home, we think of so many things. Location, size, rate, amenities, etc. become deciding factors on buying the home. Once that is done, we begin the process of beautifying it. Or at least begin planning for it. Our home being the space we spend the most time in, we want it to reflect our tastes and be comfortable. But your luxury flats in Chennai can be more than just comfortable. They can be smart too. 

With technology pervading into every aspect of our lives, it is only inevitable that our homes turn as smart as we are. Managing the house has always been a delicate balance of tasks. There’s always cleaning and cooking to be done and you seldom get to enjoy the peace of a quiet home. Home appliances have always aided people in home maintenance, but then they still had to be operated physically, taking up a major chunk of one’s time. But technology is going to change that with increasingly smart appliances that are programmed to align with our schedules and make life easier. Through our phones and AI apps, we can run our home even in our absence and get all the chores done on time. From switching on lights to getting a glass of water, everything can be automated and operated in one hand. 

There are several compelling advantages to having a Smart Home, and we’ll discuss them briefly below. 

Longer life for Appliances

The appliances are no longer left to run idly. When they are turned on, the AI programming ensures that you get the best performance out of them. For example, motion-controlled lights turn on automatically when someone enters the space and switch off when they leave it. This reduces the usage time and ensures that the power is not wasted. Appliances like Smart TVs offer suggestions based on your search and viewing history. You can heat up food as you approach your home by turning on the oven remotely from your phone, changing the settings on your fridge, and more. You get optimum use out of your appliances and this guarantees extended life for them.  

Reduced Power Bill

Smart devices are a recent development and are developed with minimal power usage in mind. They are more energy-efficient. Besides, in a normal home, one or the other of us is always leaving the lights and fans on, the TV is running with no one watching it, the AC runs indiscriminately, regardless of the time of the day, etc. But Smart appliances have automated cut-offs and timers that ensure they turn off when not in use. This brings you considerable savings in your power bill each month. You can even set an alert on your phone when someone else switches them on. Their activity can be monitored remotely. 

Manage multiple devices at once

Your entire home is connected to the device in your hand. Instead of 10 different remotes focussing on 10 different appliances, you can now control all of them from your phone. No batteries will die on you, forcing you to dive into your junk drawer to find more. No misalignment of the Infrared beam will stop your work from happening. But with the cell phone, the only problem would be if you forgot to charge it. One single app on your mobile device connects and controls your entire flat in Chennai.

Better security

You can also improve the security of your home with smart technology. Sensor doorbells, video-controlled entryways, motion-sensor cameras, etc, are just a few of the ways you can secure your home better. You can access the video to check what is happening at home in a live situation. This is especially important when you leave elderly people and children at home. Despite the security features in flats in Chennai, you can always add your own to ensure your loved ones are always protected. 

So, while looking to furnish your home, it is also important to give it a technological upgrade. This creates a luxurious lifestyle. One that is filled with comfort and convenience. You will also be one of the first adopters of the technology and thus stay in tune with the boom that is Smart Homes. 

Lifestyle Housing is a developer of luxury apartments in Chennai. Our projects are located in premium residential areas and equipped with world-class amenities. We enable our customers to turn their homes into smart homes with accommodating features and customisations.

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