Luxury flats in Chennai are a joy to live in, with the amenities and comfortable commute options. However, a house truly becomes a home when you properly furnish it to the taste and comforts of your family. The living room is the first peek into your home for other people, and it needs to be a tasteful and cozy place. 

Here are a few essential ideas on how to create the perfect living room with ergonomic and elegant furniture arrangements. 

Seating arrangement:

Invest in two Sofas or a matching Sofa and chairs set and place them facing each other. Have Ottomans or footstools at the end of each Sofa, to be pulled out when needed. You can also buy extra Armchairs that match with the Sofa instead of getting a set. 

Alternatively, you can opt for a semi-circular seating arrangement that can accommodate furniture of different sizes. Both these arrangements make for good conversation when guests are over and also give everyone a comfortable view of the TV. On a general note, furniture like sofas, chairs, etc., should be placed a little away from the walls.

Coffee Tables and stools:

The coffee table or whatever you choose to be the centre placement must be placed ergonomically with the Sofas and chairs. The ideal distance would be 18 inches away from the seats, as it will give ample legroom while being easy to reach for things placed on the table.

Media Consoles:

The Media centre with TV, gaming station, and other media devices, must be placed on the longest wall. But you can change it according to the orientation of your seating arrangement in the living room. All other consoles and devices must be placed below the TV, so your view is wide and distraction-free.

Cabinets and Storage furniture:

Cabinets, desks, or any display shelves must be placed against the walls with at least 30 inches of space between them and other seating furniture in the room. This ensures free movement through the room and gives it a spacious look. It also helps display your books, photographs, antiques, and other décor pieces, neatly. 

Multi-use storage furniture like Shoe racks, magazine racks, etc., which also double up as seats, should be placed against the wall, preferably to the side of the main entrance. This keeps them out of the way of the main space. 

Dining Furniture:

In most luxury flats in Chennai, the living and dining areas are in an open room layout. If so, you need to ensure a reasonable distance between the living room seating area and the dining area. You can choose partitions or screens between them, or leave it open. Choose a dining table that fits the room. You can get scaled-down furniture that makes the room appear bigger. The dining table can be placed in the centre of the space, leaving room to navigate around it to the rest of the house.

Carpets, Rugs, and other embellishments:

There are infinite choices when it comes to décor embellishments. You can go with the whole room carpeting in neutral colours or simple carpets and rugs to segment your space. In the case of rugs and smaller carpets, opt for ones that stand in contrast to your furnishing but agree with your overall colour theme. Curtains should be light and breezy, and the curtain rods must be at a higher level than the lintel level. 

These are just general guidelines to arrange your furniture, and definitely worth a try. But remember, it is essential that the décor feels and looks good to you. 

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