When it comes to house and room layouts, every individual has different tastes and opinions. For most, the heart of the home is the Kitchen, and there are open and closed options to choose from. While open Kitchens are convenient to keep an eye on the whole house or chat with guests as you prepare dinner, Closed Kitchens give you more privacy and keep the mess away from everybody’s view. 

Developers offering luxury apartments in Chennai usually build the shell and leave the Kitchen customization to the customer’s preferences. So how does one choose between Open and Closed Kitchens? Here are some tips to help you make a choice. 

Open Kitchens:

Open Kitchens are more integrated with the rest of the home. They open into the living and dining rooms or just have a low ledge wall for separation. This is quite a modern concept and became popular only in the 1990s but has become a favourite among buyers investing in luxury apartments in Chennai.

Open Kitchens tend to be more ventilated and well-lit compared to closed Kitchens. The open layout lets you enjoy your favourite shows on TV, even while you are prepping, cooking, or cleaning up. You can bond better with family and guests, instead of being holed up in the kitchen for long hours. 

For families with young kids, open Kitchens are a great way to keep an eye on them without having to compromise on chores.

The layout gives a spacious appearance to the entire home, as the living, dining, and Kitchen are visible from all around. Smaller or mid-sized apartments are recommended to have open Kitchens to create more space and free flow of movement. In luxury flats in Chennai, they give a classy elegance to the place. 

Your carefully selected Kitchen décor is also now on full display. It is also an incentive to keep your Kitchen clean always. 

But remember that open layouts mean that all smells and sounds from the Kitchen waft through the whole house. This may be disruptive to people who are sensitive to such things. You have to ensure that the ventilation and exhaust system in the Kitchen is working and preferably high-end. The other con is that the mess of the Kitchen will also be visible to everyone. If you have guests over for dinner, they will come home to a messy kitchen, which could be avoided in closed Kitchens. 

Closed Kitchens:

Closed Kitchens are isolated from the rest of the home, and are separate rooms. They have four walls, and access is through an open archway or doors in some cases. For some people who take pride in their Kitchens as their private space, closed Kitchens are the way to go.

The mess, clutter, smells, and sounds of the Kitchen are closed off. Guests can be entertained as long as the Living and Dining rooms are clean and neat. 

Closed Kitchens also have more wall space for storage, and you can arrange all the essentials within the same room. You also have longer countertops to keep your appliances, dishes, and wares, which is necessary for luxury apartments in Chennai

The Kitchen is considered a wet area like bathrooms and utility spaces. The heat and humidity from the Kitchen will not spread to the rest of the house. But make sure that space is well ventilated with proper exhaust for the safety and comfort of the people who cook in it. Unlike open Kitchens, you cannot expect natural ventilation in closed ones. So keep the room well-lit and aired out to prevent moisture and mold from developing within the cabinets. 

Lifestyle Housing is the best at developing 4BHK apartments in Chennai, in the luxury segment. We offer customized interiors to our clients, enabling them to choose what feels right to them. We hope this article gives you clarity on choosing between open and closed Kitchens. 

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