While most of our blogs are curated to educate our customers, this one is for our peers and people looking for a possible career in photography. It’s about the niche field of Real Estate photography! August 19 is celebrated as World Photography Day, and every photographer is encouraged to share one single photo on that day that has meaning to them or their beliefs.

On August 19, 1839, the Daguerreotype patent was purchased by the French government and released for open use. From a hazy print on a silver iodised plate, we have achieved the highest definition in detail with advanced technology. 

A photograph or video helps us connect with the subject. In marketing, consumers from anywhere in the world can develop a feel for any product they are buying, just with an aesthetic photograph. Setting the stage for smaller products like jewellery, watches, and even daily consumables is relatively easy as the subject is easy to manipulate, but how does one make a huge building like luxury apartments in Chennai look appealing in print?

Here are a few tips and tricks for Real Estate Photography to show properties in the best light possible. 

Do your due research

Take some time to look up real estate photos from reputed sights and magazines. Analyse how the photographs have been staged, what kind of lighting has been used, and what time of the day it was taken in. Pass around choices to a focus group to understand what your consumers are most attracted to. You can also get the opinion of professional real estate photographers if they are within your budget. 

Choose an appropriate style

Your property photos need to have character and a unique freshness to stand out from the other sites and ads. Much like models, the building and homes have certain angles from which they appear most beautiful. Take some traditional shots, but experiment with unconventional shots that flatter the luxury apartments in Chennai

Get the right equipment

Real estate photography is kind of a one-time deal. You are only doing it once for every completed project. Make sure that you invest right and get the right equipment. Wide-angle lenses are the most sensible for Real estate photography as they can capture the full vista of the building or the rooms. A stable tripod, Wide angle lens of 16-35 mm, and a full-frame digital camera are your essentials, but you can opt for more as per your budget. Better the equipment and editing, higher the quality of the photographs that come out. 

Employ the right technique

With a wide-angle, you can shift the perspective and make the homes look spacious. Experiment with different tripod heights to fully capture the essence of the rooms and building. Keep the vertical edges aligned straight in your photos. A little overexposure makes the room look bright and airy. Choose between different lighting to see what gives the details the most depth and highlights. The natural light will shift over the day, and you can supplement with strobe lighting to get even tones. With a few practice shots, you will find the most flattering angle.

Exterior Photography

The elevation view is usually the cover image for any residential project. The highlight of the gallery is the interior shots, but customers also want to know if the elevation of the luxury apartments in Chennai is as amazing as advertised. It must captivate them and make them want to explore further. If your project involves amenities like a swimming pool, gardens, gazebos, landscaped terraces, etc., use them to your best advantage. Try to shoot just before sunset when the light is mellow and aesthetic. The photographs should be taken with the sun on your back.

Miscellaneous tips

  • Keep your photoshoots flexible as the weather is not under your control. Have plenty of buffer time before the photos need to go on your site. 
  • Make sure the property is thoroughly cleaned, or at least the clutter is out of plain sight.
  • Wipe all glass and mirrored surfaces.
  • Furnish and add accents to the model home to get the real feel of the property. 
  • Shoot in landscape orientation. 
  • Invest in drone, aerial, and walkthrough photography. 
  • Get professional editing done on the photographs and video. 

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