Our home is our haven and it is where we spend most of our life. It is essential that our home is a productive, yet relaxing space that we can thrive in. Even if you have bought a luxury apartment in Chennai, it is upon you to make it a peaceful home. 

Following are a few simple tips for ways to make your home more peaceful. 

Soothing Colour palette:

Think of the things or places that make you feel at peace. This is what you need to model your home after. As a rule, earthy tones work well for anyone. Wood furnishings in traditional browns can help you feel grounded. 

Some people are drawn to water themes. In such cases, it is better to go with soothing greens, blues, and ivory. Add natural elements to create that harmony with your surroundings. 

Make your home cozy:

Although the home is a hotbed of activity, it is important to make it comfortable. Throw in some cushions on the couch. Have a comfy throw handy to create a cozy aesthetic as well as to have a lazy nap on the couch when you get a few minutes to yourself. It’s also great for those cool family movie nights. 

Go green:

Indoor plants not only cleanse the air but are also easy on the eye. Moreover, taking care of plants creates a sense of responsibility and can help give you a few minutes of reprieve from your other tasks. Seeing them thrive also creates joy, which keeps you motivated and calm. 

We recommend placing plants where they can get plenty of natural light. Snake plants are quite resilient and require minimal maintenance that is perfect for flats in Chennai. You can also get small succulents that add a bright spot with their interesting shapes, rich colours, and flowers. 

Manage the temperature and humidity:

Try to regulate the temperature of the home naturally or with air conditioners. Maintaining a comfortable temperature actually keeps tempers at bay. Flats in Chennai can get humid, and that needs to be balanced. So invest in a good air conditioning system. 

Disengage from the tech:

Try to keep your workspace and rest spaces different. The constant exposure to technology can keep us in a state of unrest. Put your phones away before going to bed. Keep your laptop in another room to resist the temptation of logging in to check your work emails.

Try not to pick your phone up at mealtimes and engage in conversation with your family. This interaction strengthens your bonding with them. It keeps the conversation open and minimises conflicts. 

Add some soothing scents:

Make your sense of smell work for you. Some scents are really soothing and create a calm environment. You can use sprays, dhoops, or even essential oil diffusers. Lavender, Rosemary, Vanilla, and Cinnamon, are some of the most calming scents. Just check with the rest of the family as some people are very sensitive to certain smells. 

You can also boil lemon or orange slices, cinnamon, and vanilla extract on the stove and can have your flat in Chennai smelling great and cozy in minutes. 

Make some time for yourself:

It’s easy to get lost on a busy day, especially when you have young children at home. But prioritising yourself is the most basic rule to make your home peaceful. Take some time away from the routine even if it is just 10 minutes to drink a hot cup of tea. Relax by reading a few pages of your favourite book, and just immerse in some positive thoughts. 

Get in a few minutes of meditation to ease your chaos. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. The average adult needs 7-8 hours of REM sleep to be in their prime. 

Try these tips to see positive changes in your everyday life. If you have more tips for our readers, please do share them in the comments. Lifestyle Housing is the best developer of luxury flats in Chennai. We build quality homes, equipped with state of the art amenities, for you to live a life of convenience in a smart gated community. 

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