If there’s one desire that everyone on this earth has, it is to live in a home of their own. Investing in real estate is a huge commitment that means long-term financial planning. However, investing in property like apartments in Chennai is investing in your future. So, what would be the right age to start investing in your future? While the answer – As early as possible seems tempting, it actually depends on a lot of factors like the income level, prior financial commitments, location, specific needs, size of the family, etc. So, in this article we highlight how buying a home at different ages will impact your life. 

The average Indian graduates from college at 21, and begins their earning phase right then. But buying a home requires them to make a deposit in addition to the home loan they avail for the purchase. Saving enough money to pay the initial deposit, requires about 4-5 years of work, for a regular salaried employee. The EMI from the home loan also cuts into your spending capacity. It clearly influences your spending patterns. In addition to the home loan payments, you also need to furnish the home and keep paying maintenance in addition to your personal expenses. But if you get some help with the deposit and purchase it right away, you are sure to develop good discipline in money management and living within your means. 

A home or any property investment is an appreciating investment. The earlier you buy a home; you will be able to enjoy the appreciated value early in your life. Even if you want to sell the home, you will be able to reap a good profit off of it, at an early stage. You get a chance to enjoy the benefits of living in apartments in Chennai for a longer period of time. 

When you invest in a home at a young age, you will find that you get a better deal on the interest rates and the loan repayment tenure period. Your longer employment term entitles you to longer loan tenures that reduce the strain on your monthly EMI payments. Paying off the loan is also easier as your financial commitments are less, and any additional commitments will be taken care of by your appreciating income. 

This investment also builds a good reputation with lenders and banks. Your credit score also builds up. If you keep making the payments on time. With this credit score, you can plan your other long-term financial commitments too. You can invest in other properties and assets to build a sizable investment portfolio. This helps secure your future and the future of your family. 

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