Pets have always been a constant in human life. Their very presence is therapeutic and they come highly recommended in the current lifestyle that is very stressful. People with pets lead relatively stress-free lives and are less prone to anxiety. Pets are also good for families with children and elderly people as they have constant companionship and experience unconditional love. 

However, when you live in flats in Chennai, as a pet owner, you need to know the laws that protect your pet, as well as how to smoothly integrate them into apartment life. This article highlights the laws and pet maintenance tips you will need. 

Law on pet ownership:

The Indian Government is very supportive of animal rights and pet ownership. It encourages the presence of pets in apartments. There are 2 laws of note here. 

Article 51 (A) of the Indian constitution states that it is the duty of every citizen to be compassionate towards animals and the environment. 

Section 11(3) addresses the Prevention of cruelty to animals. 

Following the tide of Residents’ associations making their own rules about Pet ownership in apartments, the Indian Government has clearly outlined some rules that prevent them from doing so.

These are the rights that pet owners residing in apartments are entitled to. 

  • No one can veto the presence of pets in the apartment. 
  • Pet owners cannot be denied access to the elevator with their pets.
  • Pets have unopposed access to the parks and lawns. 
  • Pet owners cannot be asked to vacate citing the presence of pets as a reason. 
  • It is illegal to put up notices asking people to get rid of their pets. It is a punishable offence under Section 11(3). 
  • Apartment communities and their residents’ associations have no right to make laws regarding pets. 
  • Resident associations cannot mandate that pets be kept on a leash. 
  • They cannot impose any penalties based on incidents involving pets. 

That being said, it is always safer to check with the association on their pet policies before you buy flats in Chennai or rent one. 

Taking care of pets in apartments:

There are both pros and cons to owning pets in apartments. It takes a lot of patience to train your pets to adjust to life in an apartment. Individual houses will have lots of space outside to move about and play but in apartments, you need to take them down for the same and to get some fresh air. Of course, they have the run of the apartment, but pets, especially dogs need to have open spaces to play in. 

  • Ensure that all the needs of your pet are taken care of. Food and clean water need to be provided regularly. Keep the house cleaned and sanitised to avoid allergic reactions from pet dander. 
  • Take responsibility for your pet. Although they cannot mandate that the pet is on a leash, be mindful of people who are scared of them. It is always better to keep your pet leashed and close to you in common areas. Never let them roam freely on their own in the common areas. 
  • Maintain your pet’s vaccination schedule stringently. This keeps them from falling sick and sick pets can be tough to handle in an apartment. 
  • Get your balcony wire meshed or install a grill above the rail. You could be living on higher floors and pets like dogs and cats have a tendency to climb up on the railings. The grill or mesh helps prevent accidents. 
  • Invest in proper pet training. This will save you a lot of hassle when living in flats in Chennai. Well-behaved pets are easy to maintain there and easier to get along with other residents. Neighbours can get annoyed if your dog or cat keeps constantly barking or meowing. Ensure the pets adapt well to the regular sounds and people in the apartment. 
  • Always clean up after them. Pets need toilet training and you will need to follow through on maintaining cleanliness in the apartment premises. 
  • Pet owners can organise a meeting with the resident’s association and come up with guidelines to protect their pets. This can include 
  • Designated timings for pets to access the parks and lawns. 
  • Get the pets and kids in the apartment properly accustomed to each other.
  • Discussions on how not to provoke the pets. 

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