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We have strived hard to win something priceless – the trust of our customers. It reflects in their heartfelt words.

I am happy to have experienced the service provided by Lifestyle. Everything they offered was well-organized and perfect. Especially when it comes to ROI (return on investment), which is greatly encouraged by lifestyle. Along with this, many of my friends and family have already booked property in Lifestyle, and they shared their experiences as they felt happy with their right investment. Thanks Lifestyle!

Customer Testimonials
  • Mr.Ravi
  • Managing Director, Kakada Group

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  • Mr. Karunanidhi
  • Branch manager - Canara Bank

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  • Ms. Uma Maheswari
  • Proprietor - Badmashree Supermarket

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  • Mr. Sai kumar
  • Admin Manager - Uniply Decor Ltd.

The project is very good. Lifestyle is very genuine in their promise, which excites me. They delivered everything they promised, from clear title deeds to all official documents. Also, once the price is fixed, no matter what, they don't demand an extra price and the location is extraordinary.

Customer Testimonials
  • Mr.V.Kasinathan
  • Architect, L&T Construction

For people who wish to have their home away from city problems, Lifestyle's project is the best option, as it is both peaceful and away from the city.

Customer Testimonials
  • Mr.Balamurugan
  • Engineer, Samsung India electronics

After choosing lifestyle, I personally feel very pleased, as their hospitality and project made me more satisfied with owning my dream home.

Customer Testimonials
  • Mr. Iyappan.K
  • Sr. Engineer, Powergear

At the lifestyle housing project at Singaperumal Kovil, I was one of the initial investors. From my experience, I can assure you that I haven't witnessed such a sincere and transparent construction firm in my life. That's because each and every transaction, from installment payment, referral fees, feedback incorporation, and apartment design, changes flexibility and clarity to comprehensive responsiveness. Also, their warm greeting was simply exceptional, which a customer needs most. Along with that, the appreciation value of the apartment was quite good.

Customer Testimonials
  • Mr. Bose
  • Retd. BSNL

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  • Mr. Sivashankar
  • Sr. manager - TIDC India

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  • Mr.Vinoth
  • Sec. manager - Vishay Precision Group
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