Apartments in Chennai have become mass consumers of power. In the last 10 years, so many high-rises have sprung up. The enormous amount of power they consume is burning a hole in the resident’s pockets with enormous power bills and maintenance fees. The uncontrolled consumption of power is also taking a toll on the environment, as the primary power generation in most states still relies on coal-based fuels. The recent regulations by the government stipulate that apartments need to incorporate Solar panels to cover part of their power consumption. 

Let us see how this renewable resource is helping cut down maintenance costs and helping apartments go green. 

The majority of the power consumption occurs during the daytime. Most of the lights and fans are running. People at home use the TV, other appliances, and hook their phones and laptops to the switchboard to charge them. This daytime electricity can be satisfied with the use of Solar power panels. In case extra power is required, it can be drawn from the grid. 

In some cases, the solar power produced will be in excess. This power can be transferred to the main grid. During the night, power can be consumed directly from the grid. 

A Bi-directional meter is set up, which will record the import and export of power. In the case of power import from the grid, the consumer pays the tariffs as per the government rates. In the case of power export, then the same is discounted from the power bill. With this net metering in place, you can save up to 100% on your monthly electricity bills. 

It is not advisable for individual residents in apartments in Chennai to set up solar power panels of their own. Instead, this could be a collective initiative by the Builder or by the Resident’s association. The Solar panels can be set up in the common areas and in the terrace. The power from them can be used to run the common areas. Setting the panels on the terrace makes sure none of the residents are disturbed. 

From a cost perspective, renewable energy like solar power can significantly bring down the maintenance costs in apartments in Chennai. Solar panel infrastructure and installation costs have also reduced considerably in the last 5 years. The cost of conventional electricity is also going up these days. With the possibility of completely replacing conventional current consumption for common areas, Solar Panels are a viable option for sustainable living. 

The legal process has also become simpler, as the Solar panel service providers themselves take care of the formalities. They apply for and get the necessary approvals from the government. The local authorities are also relaxing many regulations, enabling widespread adoption of solar power. 

Here are some of the factors to consider while investing in Solar panel installation.

  • Check the financial security and experience of the installer. 
  • Ask for the power generation data from past projects to see how effective the system is. 
  • The installer must have a local service team in the city where the project is located. This ensures that any malfunction is detected early and immediately rectified by the technicians. 
  • There are different types of solar panels available on the market. Get the experts on the installer’s team to explain and arrive at the right panel for your apartment. 

Once the Solar panels are installed, you will need to carry out periodic maintenance. This is easy as they only need to be dusted as necessary. There are no batteries involved as the panels are directly connected to the grid. The actual checking and replacement of components like the panels, wiring, inverters, etc will be carried out by the service provider. 

Setting up Solar panels in apartments in Chennai is a true step towards sustainable urban development. Solar is one of the cleanest sources of power. It has been considered as the most viable alternative to coal-based power production, with plans for small and large scale implementation. 

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