Amenities! Those enticing facilities that real estate developers promise us when we buy apartments from them. Amenities are sometimes unique and generally non-essential features and services that are offered to the buyers and renters that are provided within the apartment complex.  They go beyond the legal stipulations set for the building of that particular category. In general anything beyond the essentials of your apartment in Chennai can be considered an amenity. While they may be free to use, the investment towards the maintenance of the amenities will be charged as maintenance fee. 

Regardless of the manner in which they are provided to you, it goes without saying that they make life in an apartment easier, more comfortable and luxurious even. If you wish to have a premium lifestyle, then you might want to keep your eyes and ears open for the following amenities. 

Pet Friendly amenities:

One of the first points to consider if you own a pet or about to get one at your new place, is whether the apartment community has facilities to accommodate pets. Although it is not legally binding, apartment communities do ban pets at times. Ensure that the apartment has large open spaces to walk your pets. Some have dedicated pet corners in the park area. 

Safety and Security amenities:

Your dream home must be a safe and secure place for you and your loved ones to live in. The apartment must have enough safety and security measures to ensure you needn’t worry about this. Adequate security personnel must be engaged to monitor the grounds 24×7. There should be CCTV provision to record the movement of people in the common area. 

Apart from the security measures, safety guards and rails must be present in all potentially hazardous areas. There should be warning signs and fire safety posters on clear display. Fire safety measures like extinguishers, overhead sprinklers, and hoses must be available according to the laws regarding the same. All the common areas must be well lit and accessible at all times of day and night. 

Parking amenities:

Your vehicles are an integral part of your life, and you cannot afford to park them on the street. Check if the apartment offers closed or open parking spaces. Do they have assisted parking in case of multi-level car parks? Say you would have guests over. Does the apartment have guest parking available? Electric vehicles are slowly coming into use. You need a charging station, if you have an electric vehicle. Check if they have a provision for the same. The carpark must also be secure, in plain view and be monitored via CCTV for extra protection to your vehicles. 

Recreational amenities:

After spending so much in buying your dream home, wouldn’t you want it to be a place where you can have fun and relax on your days off? Wouldn’t a leisurely swim be just what you needed on a hot summer day? How about a barbecue party with the neighbours? Does the apartment community have a hall or open space for holding events? Most apartments in Chennai provide a community hall, and air conditioned gym. There is also a park area. Some apartments have proper club houses with a pool, indoor games, yoga studio, etc. There are parks with play equipment for the kids. There are media rooms where movies can be screened to be enjoyed with friends and family. Our projects are also equipped with dedicated spaces for the elderly with cozy walkways and benches set in the shade. If you can get creative enough, you can organise a community garden in the lawn areas, maintained by interested volunteers from the residents. 

These are some of the most basic amenities that you should expect of luxury apartments in Chennai. At Lifestyle Housing the happiness of our customers takes the highest priority. Apart from offering you a high quality home, we offer amenities that make your life at a Lifestyle Home complete. We have 2 BHK flats in Porur, and apartments for sale in TNagar, Chennai that have all the amenities we mentioned above, and more. We employ a lot of research and planning into making every aspect of your life with us easy and comfortable. We don’t want to bore you with the details in text, when you can come out to our projects to witness them for yourself. Book a site visit with our Sales personnel at lifestyle housing.

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