People moving into apartments in Chennai, often feel that their space is cramped after some time. This is purely due to improper space management. The tiniest of homes can be customised with interiors that grant them a spacious, bright appearance. It’s all about choosing the right kind of furniture and the right colour palette to open up your space. 

Here are simple tips that one should take into consideration before starting the interior work and buying furnishings. 

Using convertible and compact furniture:

Modern technology has reached even furniture. There are several standard and custom made furniture models that help you reduce the space consumed by furniture. 

There are sofas on the market that can be converted into pull-out beds. Small 4 seater tables can be expanded with hidden slats into twice the size, only to be used when guests come over. Choose beds with storage space underneath. The kids’ room can have bunk beds that allow them ample space to play or study in their rooms.  Not only do those save you from unused space under the bed, but reduce the shelf space that would otherwise occupy the room. 

Mount your appliances like the TV on the wall to free up floor space. Books and other knickknacks can be shelved in shallow, wall-mounted racks so you don’t need bulky shelves or cupboards. Murphy beds can be installed into the walls to leave the room free until you pull them out to sleep. Try to customise the furniture to the scale of your home than opting to buy standard-sized pieces that may occupy more space. 

Modular Kitchens:

Kitchen appliances can be fit within the counter space or Kitchen wall space with modular kitchen options. All your kitchen supplies and utensils are neatly organised into the space below your kitchen counters. They can get you the maximum storage capacity out of any apartment in Chennai. They are easy to maintain if done right, as dust and grease will not settle into the closed shelving. The colour of the shelves can be chosen to match the overall décor of your home. 

Choose light and bright colour palettes:

Light colours like white, sand, beige, butter yellow, etc are more reflective than darker shades. The reflected light gives the space, a bright airy appearance. The evenly distributed light gives the space a classy elegance. Mirrors can also be included in the décor, to make the space look larger with the reflections. Choose light coloured tiling for floors and walls to make the floor space look spacious and roomy. 

Partitions to divide open space:

Most apartments in Chennai have a large open living and dining, with smaller rooms. You can use moveable partitions to divide the space. You can also achieve the same with rugs and designated colour themes for each area. Use curtains and half walls to improve the privacy of the bedrooms. This gives your home, a neat and organised appearance. This kind of décor allows you to keep the room spacious while clearly segregating the different areas and their purpose. 

Gallery Walls:

Hang your artwork above eye level. When hung right above the furniture the artwork makes the room look cluttered if the space is small. When hung at heights above eye level, they create the illusion of space. It also makes the ceilings look taller. Vertically inclined décor elements free up floor space, expanding the useable space. At Lifestyle Housings, even before you look for ways to maximise your space, we give you the maximum useable space with our structural design. Our new apartments in Porur, Chennai, and flats for sale in T Nagar, have wide entrances that do not directly face other homes on the same floor. Countertop washbasins are conveniently located near the dining area set into wall recesses. Ample storage space is provided without reducing the carpet area by including lofts and recessed wall shelves. Our floor plans make efficient use of space and allow the maximum possible natural ventilation to give your home, a bright, airy ambiance.

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