Buying a house seems a much simpler process than decorating it and making it a home. One needs to ensure everyone in the family is satisfied by the décor. It should also appear classy and attest to your refined taste. Wondering how to deck up your luxury apartments in Chennai in the latest fashion? Don’t get left behind with these eye-catching and trending interior design ideas!

Statement ceilings

Yes, the gorgeous statement ceilings with cornices, light and mirror fixtures, hanging accents, etc. are now making their way into your homes. While they were a part of traditional décor, and they were used only in commercial hotels, they are now trending in private homes too. There is a wide range of options both in traditional and contemporary designs in every colour and texture imaginable. 

Soft Contrasting Colours

There is a lean towards soft but contrasting colours. Creamy yellows, paired with teal and grey are a trending colour theme. So are whites and pinks, with sea greens. Not only do they make your interiors pop, they still retain a comfortable visual aesthetic. The colours are engaging and fresh, and certainly, add class to your luxury apartments in Chennai

DIY Wallpapers

If you think it’s time to shake things up, but are on a budget, there are always DIY Wallpapers. All you need is to measure, cut, peel, and stick. You can create gorgeous accent walls and backsplashes over a weekend. There is no mess or fuss like painting would involve. There are also stickers with tile-like textures which mimic brickwork, stone tiles, etc. These add some texture to your space. 

Nature themes

Bring some life into your home with nature-inspired themes. Cottage-core is one such décor theme that is coming back with a vengeance. Fresh potted plants, flowering miniature shrubs, hanging vines, small decorative succulents in cute ceramic pots, etc. are worked into the interior decoration, to keep your home feeling airy, positive, and smelling great. 

Vintage Décor

Old is now the new Gold! It’s time to bring out your heirlooms. While traditional décor and vintage items were thought a thing of the past, warmer décor themes are back and vintage pieces look beautiful in them. Neutral coloured walls and floors with wooden furnishings are accentuated with old-timey Brass, Bronze, and Copper décor. You can also get them lacquered so they remain shiny and require little maintenance beyond the occasional dusting.  

Flexible spaces

In the past, there were dedicated spaces for each activity. But as cities grew bigger and land availability became less, developers have had to adapt to give everything within a compact space. Even in luxury apartments in Chennai, there is plenty of opportunity for space optimisation by the use of flexible furnishings. Utility and aesthetics are merged with multi-use furniture and vertically splitting the rooms. Fold-out tables, chairs, pull-out sofas, beds with storage space underneath all help make your home more spacious. 

Thrifted décor

Sustainability is now a popular trend. Spending so much on buying new furniture is only contributing towards cutting more trees. There are plenty of second-hand and thrift stores that sell used furniture in good condition or those that only require minor repairs. You can even thrift vintage fabrics to make curtains and table runners. This reduces your carbon footprint while giving a rustic feel to your home. 

Home Office

With a lot of folks having to work from home, people have realised the absence of a dedicated workspace. There are manufacturers offering to install a complete home office within any limited space. This helps you isolate your work and relax in the rest of the home. 

Smart Spaces

We live in the digital age and it is only natural that the technology permeates into your luxury apartments in Chennai. Every device at home like the lights, fans, TV, AC, kitchen appliances, etc. is available as a smart device. They can be controlled right from your phone through dedicated apps. Then there are Smart Home assistants. You can set mood lighting, regulate the temperature, and even shop for groceries with advanced technology. 

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