People living in the city, especially in the  apartments in Chennai, face a major problem – Learning to live comfortably in small spaces. It is hard to come by spacious, affordable homes that one can decorate to their fancy. 

But not to worry, this guide shows you simple ideas that can make any small room appear bigger with little effort. 

Clear away clutter:

The first task to making any space appear big is to avoid cluttering it. Like too many cooks spoil the broth, too many things spoil the ambiance. Organise your floor space and remove unused things. The more minimal the décor of a small room is, the larger it appears and feels. The space within your view must be neatly laid out, so it won’t feel cramped. 

Create an open floor plan:

Move around the furniture to get the best layout possible to give you maximum space. Plan your furniture placement around the walkways. Trust us, you do not want to navigate a dump yard of furnishings to reach your bed or desk. Try to align them along the walls with a little space between the wall and the furniture. The bed is the only piece of furnishing that can be placed flush with the wall. If it is possible, avoid any kind of floor décor and instead hang woven decorative elements that do not project out much from the wall. 

Scale down your furniture:

Of course, those big poofy armchairs and couches look comfy and cozy. But well-cushioned armless chairs and scaled-down couches will do the job just as well. Avoid any bulky furnishings or décor pieces. 

Instead, opt for taller décor pieces like a high floor vase or triangular corner shelf that won’t occupy much floor space. The more of the floor that you can see, the roomier the space. It can get difficult to fit standard sized furniture comfortably in apartments in Chennai. A little research will show you that you can get scaled versions handmade for a reasonable price from the local craftsmen. 

Use mirrors to reflect the room:

One of the easiest ways to make a room appear larger is by hanging mirrors. Decorations above bed level mirrors or full-length stand mirrors reflect the wall space creating the illusion of a larger space. You can also place plate mirrors strategically to reflect and brighten the room as well. 

Get that natural ventilation in:

Even-toned, soothing light and free airflow is key to opening up the space. That is achieved best with natural ventilation. Leave the windows open for as long as possible. If you feel there is dust coming in from the outside, invest in a good mesh screen. It also keeps out the mosquitoes as well as lets in plenty of light and air. Any window décor, like curtains or trains, must be sheer or light coloured to let in natural ventilation. You can hang a few plants from the curtain rods or place them in small pots on the window sill to give a bright, cheery appearance. 

Light colour palette for paint and décor:

Cool, light shades give a spacious feeling to the room. Warm light colour paints give your space a comfortable but intimate appearance. Cool baby blues, mint greens, pinks, cool beige, or the best of all, plain stark white, open up the room. Get furnishings and décor to match. 

Use light coloured floor tiles or carpet with minimal textures. These will reflect the light in the room. That is why many apartments in Chennai offer light coloured paints and flooring in the standard package. If you want to add a little contrast to the space, go for dark wood furniture and complement with light sheets and curtains that match the walls. These ideas are handy in redecorating your home or planning the interiors of a new home. Everybody wishes to live in an airy, bright space, and we provide exactly that at Lifestyle Housing. Our projects include 2BHK flats in Porur, and apartments for sale in T Nagar, in the heart of the city. Each luxurious home is Vasthu compliant with the most effective use of space.

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