Whenever people buy apartments in Chennai or any other residential property, they immediately go into overdrive with the décor plans. Minimalist décor is the trending interior décor theme now, and it takes a certain nuance to achieve it. Here are tips to nail the perfect minimalist décor theme for your home. 

Have a clean layout with straight lines

The furniture layout needs to have a lot of straight lines with no interruptions. This makes the space look free and neat. Boxed in layouts make the space look cramped, while clean, straight layouts open the space up. Geometric patterns and décor give a minimalist appeal to the modern home owner. 

Focus on Functionality over Extra features

Ensure you decide the purpose of each room while furnishing the home. Will it just be you, or do you entertain a lot? If the house might have more number of occupants than one or two, you need to plan the seating and sleeping arrangements accordingly. There should be a dedicated area for entertaining guests where there is comfortable seating and an entertainment console. Dining area should have a functional table and sufficient chairs to seat your usual number of guests. 

Neutral Colour themes for walls and furnishings

Keep the colour theme of the home neutral preferably in cool shades. If cool tones are not your pick then go for off whites with earthy tones. Calming colours only as bright colours can make the space look enclosed and small. Monochromatic colour themes work best to create the minimalist feel. Shades of white are always great in making the rooms look spacious and comfortable. You can also choose a neutral pastel palette with complimentary dark shades in the décor and furnishings. 

Keep your floor clutter free

The floor space contributes a lot to the appearance of your space. The floor plan and aesthetic can brighten your space like no other. Go for white tiles with marbled patterns, or light coloured hardwood floors. The floor plan must be organic and ergonomic to ensure free flow of movement. Cluttered floor plans leave even big spaces looking small and cramped. Keep your furniture close to the walls with a little gap between them and the walls. 

Opt for natural ventilation over harsh lighting

Open up those windows and doors and let in natural light and air. Natural ventilation gives your home a comfy glow that no artificial lighting can produce. It may be difficult in apartments in Chennai, especially in the summers, but you can go for light, free flowing curtains that protect you from the heat but still let in plenty of fresh air and soothing light into the home. The curtains also ensure your privacy while enjoying nature made utilities. 

Open the Space up with mirrors

You can make any small space appear big with the addition of mirrors. Mirrors reflect the walls opposite them. When the reflected space is in light colours, then the mirror magnifies the space beautifully. You can use mirrors with thin frames or frameless mirrors, or go for a single large mirror with an extravagant carved frame. Contemporary frame designs work better to create the minimalist aesthetic. They are simple in terms of décor, functional in use and stylish to boot.

Go for space saving furniture

Space saving furniture is a must have for minimalist interiors. Apartments in Chennai might not have all the space for every piece of furniture that you dream of having. Invest in some space saving that is custom made in proportions to fit your space, or convertible furniture that can have multiple purposes like a Sofa cum bed or a dresser cum desk. Not only do they leave you with plenty of floor room, they are economical compared to buying each furniture individually. 

Choose vertical shelving over horizontally wide shelves

When planning your shelf space, especially in the living room, go for narrow vertical shelving. This takes up less space. But if you are bent on long shelves, then at least reduce the depth of the shelves. This way the shelf won’t cut into your floor space as a disturbing protuberance. Keep minimal décor on the shelves or choose a few pots of indoor plants and succulents that are easy to maintain and cleanse the air.

Combine décor and storage to free up space

Maximise the space for minimalism, by replacing conventional décor with storage. Use designer pegs to hang up hats or coats. Get some pot holders to frame a wall with indoor plants. Instead of having to sacrifice space for both décor and your furnishings, you can now merge them to give you a classy minimalist interior décor. 

Keep all hardware out of view

Try to invest in modular shelving or all your hardware. Except for the TV and computers, no other piece of electronics and hardware should be visible. When everything is moved into closed shelving, it clears up your floor and walls, lending an organised aesthetic to your home. This is an especially important tip for apartments in Chennai to save some space. 

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