Finding the right location to live in isn’t as simple as it used to be. There are too many options and way too many factors to consider before settling on the perfect new neighbourhood. We have our own list of how our ideal home needs to be and where it needs to be, especially when we are considering relocation to the city. Whether it be the gated community in TNagar or an upscale bungalow by the beach, we are all looking for one common thing – A healthy and comfortable lifestyle. 

When searching for the home, you might end up nitpicking over the internal details while forgetting to check the surroundings. If you want a healthy, fit life, then you need to take an immersive look at the neighbourhood itself. 

Here we highlight the most distinguishing details that make for a great neighbourhood. 

Access to facilities within walking distance:

Of course, all of us prefer to take our vehicles whenever we head out of home, but that isn’t exactly an active lifestyle. Exercise is essential to keeping our mind and body healthy. So think about leaving your car keys at home, and taking a stroll through the neighbourhood. 

The first point is the neighbourhood should be safe enough to take a walk by yourself. Your plans for a healthy lifestyle can be impeded by traffic. Areas with a high volume of traffic have lots of air and noise pollution. The streets are also less safe, especially for children and the elderly.

The second is that facilities like shops, parks, or a market must be within walking distance. Only then will you be incentivized enough to run errands by taking a leisurely walk. Some areas in Chennai also have dedicated sidewalks and bike lanes for walkers and cyclists to move safely. Our luxury flats in TNagar will include a well-maintained children’s park and a walking path, so you don’t even have to step out of the community. Being in TNagar, there are all kinds of shops and entertainment right as you step out of your home. 

Green Spaces:

Lush, green spaces evoke the need to be active. If there was a park or garden nearby with lots of trees, then you would definitely feel inclined to take a walk or ride your cycle down there. Not only are they good for the environment, if you are looking to buy the property, then they also add value to property appreciation. 

Breathing the fresh air, and the relaxing walk helps alleviate your stress from personal or professional settings. It is great for your mental health. The entire area is a lot cooler than other urban spaces, as the greenery gives shade and balances the temperature. Our gated community in T Nagar is located on a busy road but will have lush gardenscapes on its premises. You can breathe in the fresh air from the comfort of your home. 

Fitness Centres:

Most people need external motivation to stick to a healthy regime. Having a gym or a fitness center nearby makes it convenient to pursue an active lifestyle. A comprehensive fitness center that is well equipped and affordable actually adds value to the neighbourhood, and the property values there. 

The other ways to boost fitness are playgrounds where people can take up a sport of their interest. It could be anything like cricket, football, badminton, etc. Try to find if the area has some sort of club or teams you can sign up for. A swimming pool nearby can also help you beat the summer blues. More the fitness options, the better the value of the neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Associations:

Check out the local associations and the kind of activities they pursue. Are they keen on maintaining the sanitation and cleanliness of the public areas? An area where people actively participate in keeping their homes and surroundings clean is a great place to live in. They need to come together as a group to address issues affecting the neighbourhood.

Find out about recycling programs, sustainability drives, volunteering events, fundraisers, etc. that the association operates. Being part of these groups keeps you up to date on the changes being made to your residential location. You would be one of the first to know about development plans from the local corporation, get contacts in your personal and professional circle, and you can achieve more than you could ever do as an individual. 

But here at Lifestyle Housing, all our projects are equipped with the right amenities to promote healthy, happy living. Our new residential project in T Nagar, comes with lush gardens, walking paths, an air-conditioned gym, etc. The premises will be expertly maintained by an agency that cleans, sanitizes, and resolves any other utility issues that may occur. The building will have sufficient setback from the road, to shield you from both noise, and air pollution despite being located bang on a prime commercial road. To check out our gated community in T Nagar, get in touch with us!

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